How to Configure Glo APN settings (2021)

Hello guys, today I am going to show how to manually configure your Glo SIM for internet browsing on your phones (smartphones, and Feature phones).

I’ve noticed that requesting for configuration setting from the service provider doesn’t always work, sometimes you might even get a message saying “your phone cannot be configured automatically, contact a custom care representative to get manual configuration settings”. Using your Glo SIM to browse on any internet-enabled device shouldn’t be a problem at all.

This is why I have taken the time to post a working Glo internet configuration settings for both smartphone users, and push-button phones users.

Glo Confirmation Settings For Android Smartphone Users

For setting up APN settings for Android;

  • Go to Settings>>Wireless & Networks (name might be changed depending on your smartphone, but usually name is synonymous).
  • Tap on Mobile Networks>>Access Point Names. Then hit the “+” button on the top to “Add New APN.”
  • Set name to “Glo HIS”
  • APN is set to “gloflat”
  • Both Username and Password should be set as “flat”
  • Then authentication type should be set as “PAP or CHAP”
  • Other settings should be left with the preset format, or “not set” – the way it is displayed.

Glo Configuration Settings For Push Button Phones

  • Go to Settings>>Connectivity>>Data Accounts For Techno phone, Itel or any other similar devices.
  • Press ok on the SIM you want to configure (Glo).
  • Press “option” then “Add new ps account”
  • Set account name to “Glo flat”
  • APN’ should be “gloflat”
  • Username and Password should be set as “flat”
  • Authentication type should be left at “normal”

Nokia push button phones should look for “Configuration” under settings (Settings>>Configuration). In the configuration, scroll down to “personal settings”. All other things like account name, access Point name, username, and password, should be set according to the settings above. Homepage can either be left empty or  enter “”

You can also refer to a well-illustrated guide on how to do this on Glo website.

There you are! You should be able to browse the internet with these settings provided you have data. If this article was helpful kindly leave a comment below.

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