How to Initiate FCMB Cardless/fingerprint Withdrawal

FCMB( first city monument bank) is a financial institution in Nigeria founded in1982 with various branches across the country.

fcmb has a more advanced way of performing cardless withdrawal transactions than the modern way which is also called cash on the go(COTG), their method is Called the biometrics cardless Withdrawal method.

Biometric/fingerprint cardless withdrawal

It’s a kind of withdrawal method adapted by the first city monument bank, where their customers are able to withdrawal with just their fingerprint.

This more secure as you don’t need to make use of your mobile phone or internet connectivity either do you need to have the Mobile App or use make use of your Atm card, all you need is your finger, your thumb to be precise which of no doubt you carry everywhere you go since it’s a part of you, this, in turn, solves the problem of forgetting your Atm or Mobile phone at home.

Steps to FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

You must note that this transaction only works with the Atm machine that has the cardless withdrawal option and also has a fingerprint scan( biometrics scan).

  1. Visit any Atm machine closest to you, preferably an Fcmb machine.

  2. Select the cardless option from the menu.

  3. Type in your account number.

  4. You will then have to put your right thumb on the biometrics scanner for 7secs

  5. After a successful scan, press proceed.

  6. Type in the amount you wish to withdraw

7) withdraw your money.

The alternative method is via Fcmb online platform, the procedure is also quite easy

  1. Go to fcmbonline

  2. Log in or sign up

  3. Click on the cardless cash

  4. Select cardless

  5. An information box Will be displayed with you have to fill in order to generate your Paycode.

  6. After filling the form select generate Paycode, the pay code and a cash-out pin will be generated

  7. Visit the nearest Atm outlet to you and select the Paycode cardless option on the Atm menu.

  8. Type in the Paycode number, they are usually 8- 15 digit

  9. Type in the cash out pin

  10. Type in your desired amount for withdrawal and then withdraw your Cash.

Note: withdrawal fee of #100 will be debit for this transaction.

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