How to Start Cake Business

Have you ever wanted to start a cake business and you don’t know how to go about it? In this guide, we will be considering how to start cake business in Nigeria. Follow the step by step guide I have provided in this article. Cakes are an integral part of ceremonies ranging from wedding, birthday parties down to convocation.

Important criteria to consider

Starting a cake business isn’t as difficult as you think so far you follow the tips provided below:

Tips to start cake business

Learning the Art

Learning is one of the steps every beginner must take. You need to learn the art of cake baking, this you can do through online training or self-study and practicals on Youtube, you can as well look for a good baking school in Lagos and other parts of the country to get appropriate training. Baking cake is very fragile, If you don’t whisk the egg properly, the cake won’t be cluster together.

If the butter and eggs are not mixed properly, the cake won’t be fluffy. You have to pay attention to every step during the learning process. Missing a step is tragic to your business.

2. Practice

Cake making is an art, you need to dedicate yourself to hours of practice and learning new skills in the art of cake making, such as organization, order and timing, cake baking is unlike cooking where the order of item and ingredient is not as important.

Practice, practice, and practice until you become very perfect at what you do and also help you to master the science of cake baking. New trends are coming up in the cake industry every day.

We use to know of just fondant for the decoration of cakes, times have changed, we now have butter icing, whipped cream, white fart and a lot more.

In cake business, you need to move with the trend so as not to be downsized by clients

3. Be Focused

DOn’t be tempted to try too many things or trying to be everywhere at a time. There are different types of cakes out there, we have cakes for celebrations like birthday, wedding anniversary, and more, we also have other cakes like cupcakes, wedding cakes, etc.

You need to decide which one you want to focus on if need be. But in Nigeria, you can still do all types of cakes and serve your clients with satisfaction. This way you can stand out of the competition and be diverse, if demand increase for a particular type of cake and it is at the core of your strength you can focus more in that direction and serve your other clients who need other types of cakes on custom orders.

Whether cupcakes or wedding cakes or celebration cakes. e specific, let people know what they will find when they come to your confectionary store.

Diversifying your focus leads to an increase in the cost of production.

4. Research the market

After you have known what cake you will be focusing on as you start your cake business, it is very important to know how much to charge. Visit a lot of cake shops, so you could have a taste of their cakes and know the prices, to know what price to set on yours. You do not need to stress yourself too much to have a clue on cake pricing, you can open up your mobile phone to search for companies already in the business.

Check out what they are doing, the sizes and ingredients quality also check their price tag, delivery, and promises, and other important things, this way you are keeping yourself informed about your business, you can use the data you get to establish yourself and business in a more profitable direction.

5. Competitive Pricing

Setting a price for your cake business isn’t a bad idea. Your Price should cover the cost of production + gain. You wouldn’t want to set a price that covers production alone. The main aim of every business is to gain profit except you run an NGO. Set your prices correctly, don’t underprice, so that at the end of the day, both parties are satisfied.

Where many entrepreneurs make the mistake is thinking that being the cheapest will bring them or earn them more, patronage, that’s not always the truth, you just need to brand your business the right way, offer great quality, delivered in good time and you can charge way more than your competitors and still have the largest patronage.

Cake Price in Lagos

10″ Round Cake NGN17,895.00
10″ Short Cake NGN6,300.00
Alice In Wonderland cake NGN21,700.00
Baby’s First cake NGN7,000.00
Blue Star cake NGN21,700.00
Blush cake NGN8,900.00
Bows & Stripes cake NGN8,900.00
Candy Crush cake NGN8,900.00
Candy Swirl cake NGN7,000.00
Cherry Pie NGN10,000.00
Choco Swirl NGN10,000.00
Red Velvet Box Cupcake NGN2,800

7. Incentivise

Incentivising is an idea that will work well with the cake business, how about offering simple products like a pencil, erasers, hand fans as a gift to for your customers for every order. There are several ways to incentivize your offering, you just need to try what works that gets the attention of your clients the most.

8. Create a website

Building a website exposes you to potential clients. It also properly displays the cakes you have in your store. A website will give you a competitive edge and help you to reach wider prospects, as your web grows by adding more products and contents, you get more visitors and patronage.

7. Promote your brand on social media

One of the best places to sell your product in 2021, is on social media, according to research, There are billions of users on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Using Social media as a promotional strategy is a very great tool for your business. If you follow the best of practice for social media marketing you can be getting hundreds of orders in Instagram and Twitter on a weekly bases.

You can advertise your product on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. For ease, you can hire a social media influencer to help run targeted ads for you.

8. Packaging and decoration

Find suppliers that can readily deliver cake boxes, stands, and decorations to you at the speculated time and pocket-friendly prices.

Final thought

Starting any business generally comes with its challenges.

Persistence and determination allow you to achieve your goals.

List of Cake Making Equipments

  1. Cake tins
  2. Cooling rack
  3. A dredger or shaker
  4. Icing smoother
  5. Food mixer
  6. Baking parchment
  7. Food processor
  8. Marzipan spacers
  9. Measuring spoons
  10. Measuring jug
  11. Mixing bowls
  12. Palette knife
  13. Pastry brush
  14. Sieve
  15. Rolling pin
  16. Skewer
  17. Zester
  18. Scales
  19. Spatula
  20. Spoons
  21. Whisk
  22. Hand mixer
  23. Bundt cake tin
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