How to buy airtime/data from Ecobank account

With the advent of mobile phones, banking operations have been made easy.  The services rendered by Ecobank across the country and the world are massive and you can carry out these services through your mobile phones.

One of the most important part of these services is the buying of airtime and data without even using an ATM stand.
You will be furnished with simple and straightforward steps on how to purchase data or airtime from your ecobank account.

There are two ways you can get this done:

1. Buy Data/Airtime VIA mobile banking app

This application allows you to perform bank transactions on an online platform that is monitored and controlled by Ecobank herself.

Download the app from the play store (for Android) or App Store(IOS). If you have done that, you are good to go.

2. Buy Data/Airtime with USSD CODE(*326#)

There are times where a data connection is not available. There are also people who don’t have access to smartphones. To buy data or airtime from Ecobank, dial the USSD code *326#

Steps to buy data from Ecobank

1. Download the Ecobank online banking application.
2. Register your account. You’ll be needing your debit or credit card to complete your registration.
3. Follow the instructions given by the application.
This process works for both personal purchase and third-party purchases.

Steps to buy airtime & data from Ecobank with USSD

If you haven’t registered the line you are using with Ecobank, you will be prompted to do so. After doing that, you can now buy data or airtime by following the steps listed below.
If your line was registered before now, just continue from here.

To buy airtime for Yourself
1. Simply Dial *326*amount#. It’s very fast and easy. Try it out now.

1. Dial *326#,
2. Enter the amount you want to buy.

For a third-party recharge, follow these steps.
1. Dial *326*amount*number of third-party#


1. Dial *326# and enter 3 to buy airtime or data with your registered line. Proceed to the third party, then enter the number and amount you are buying.

You could also use your Ecobank ATM card at any ATM. Proceed to quick teller, and enter the amount.
If you are buying for a third party, enter the number and amount you are buying.

In summary, you can buy data and airtime from Ecobank through your
Online banking app, USSD code and through the ATM

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