10 Technology Small Nigerian Businesses Should Outsource

10 Technology Small Nigerian Businesses Should Outsource
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Outsourcing can be a great way for small Nigerian businesses and start-ups to take care of tedious tasks while increasing productivity and saving money.

When small businesses Outsource technology-related wants of the business, it makes it easier for them to focus on more important responsibilities, like sales, customer service, and overall management of the business, without having to hire more internal employees.

However, not all areas of the company need to be outsourced. Arranging the wrong tasks at third parties can hurt your business more than it can help. Here are the 10 technical tasks that experts say small businesses should outsource.

Cloud computing enables businesses to access information anywhere, anytime, using any compatible device. Hosting a cloud system internally is expensive and can pose security risks if the technology is obsolete.

By outsourcing cloud technology, small businesses can focus on using the cloud, rather than maintaining it.

If you’re not already serious about website development, consider outsourcing your ecommerce site design to make sure it works optimally and efficiently.

This can prevent customers from experiencing problems browsing and purchasing items they prefer – a problem that may prevent customers from returning to your online store.

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While you may be able to build a functional site yourself, if you want a legitimate eCommerce business, your website must be top notch.

Hiring a separate encoder and graphic designer if you choose to outsource your website design.


In addition to creating a well-made site, it’s important for companies to keep up with their websites, which can be a completely different job.

There’s a lot to monitor to ensure your site stays up to date with the latest trends and technological changes, so outsourcing these activities can help you maintain a strong web presence without getting in the way of other important tasks that you have to complete.

One of the most daunting tasks I suggest to a small business owner to outsource startup is updating and maintaining their websites. While it may seem easy to update your site on its own, problems can arise easily.

IT service providers usually tell you that your data is safe, but companies should also outsource additional cybersecurity. It’s smarter for companies to outsource cybersecurity experts than to rely on IT vendor guarantees because no single company can truly guarantee data security.

Simply put, there are IT providers that provide services, and then there are cybersecurity experts who specialize in anticipating and mitigating threats. Although IT vendors have strict security measures, cybersecurity experts provide an additional layer of protection that can prevent disasters and quickly resolve security issues.

Two-factor authentication is a type of protection that requires users to have two forms of identification to access data, bank accounts, and other sensitive information.

We recommend that anyone dealing with sensitive data, such as bank accounts or patentable technologies, implement two-factor authentication to help IT providers govern access and keep their systems more secure.

Two-factor authentication is also something that should be set by a professional who knows the software applications that the company wants to protect.

When your team invests all its time in developing products and apps, it can be tedious to test every little aspect to make sure it’s perfect. Outsourcing is a great way to keep your products and apps the best they can be without burning your developers.

These test cases may not be the most desirable tasks, but they are critical to ensuring product works.

App development is not cheap. It might seem like a good idea to create custom apps for your company’s operations and staff, but hiring a developer to build business apps requires a significant investment of time, money, and patience. Meanwhile, there are plenty of full business apps available to do whatever you need to do.

These are feature-rich applications used by many other companies, so they are frequently updated with the latest technology to keep your business agile and competitive, and don’t require the extra costs of hiring developers.

IT professionals are not experts in all kinds of technologies. They may be well informed in a particular area, but it does not necessarily mean that they can work on a related project without having the necessary training to gain experience. With this example in mind, consider that if an activity requires skill and time that your company doesn’t have at home, it’s time to outsource.

Although some projects will require supplier autonomy, many suppliers are open to collaboration, which can keep employees involved in the project by giving them exposure to new technology and processes

In order for companies to perform quality control and ensure that everyone is on the same page, business owners should have a clear view of what they want and give a person point an acquired interest in the project, he said Yakovlev recommended.

If you have tedious tasks to take care of yourself, taking them on yourself can be too time-consuming and hiring an internal employee would probably be a waste of resources. In some cases, you may be able to simply automate these tasks, but otherwise, you should consider outsourcing.

However, if you decide to outsource activities like this, it’s important to be clear about what needs to be done and how to do it. You need to have proper and detailed documentation and training.

Creating PDF guides and reference videos, as well as staying up-to-date on training materials and fine-tuning them while the outsourcing team asks some questions or difficulties in certain areas.

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