9Mobile Free WhatsApp Chats for Users

9mobile users can now chat freely without a valid Subscription! I was reading through Thisdaylive Nigerian magazine this morning and I caught up with this amazing offer on 9mobile.

I trust some of you guys might already be enjoying this at the moment since it was released since May, 2019,  so I thought it would be worth it to let other users know about the offer.

In a simple and straightforward way: 9mobile users can now use WhatsApp on their smartphones free of Charge in the Network, Isn’t that interesting?

How to Activate 9mobile Free Whatsapp

However, so at to enjoy the offer, it is expected of customers to make a purchase of a preferred data plan, with the designated code 2003*1#, so they would be able to use their purchased data plans for other things but not Whatsapp chats as the Whatsapp will be made available for free.

The Vice President, Marketing, 9mobile, Adebisi Idowu, while speaking on the offer disclosed that the free WhatsApp offer exemplifies the company’s commitment to giving back to her subscribers for their loyalty and also to open wide doors to communicate with their loved ones more cost-effectively, if not free.

“You will recall that in our 2018 end-of-year message, our Acting Managing Director, Stephane Beuvelet, made some promises to our customers including the deployment of an array of innovative brand loyalty reward programmes this year.

“This is one of such initiatives to appreciate our customers and to reinforce the fact that we are a caring brand that is always on the lookout for our customer’s well-being,”

Idowu said.

“The WhatsApp offer is certainly a novel one as it allows our customers to put their data to other uses while they enjoy chatting and bonding with friends and loved ones on WhatsApp for free.

“The offer also empowers customers to promote their businesses using WhatsApp as data which would have been used up on WhatsApp can now be used for other things with the free WhatsApp offer by 9mobile.

“This gives customers more value for their money. By doing this, we are fulfilling yet another promise to enable our customers do more without hassles,”

Idowu added.

“Through an array of creative solutions and offerings, 9mobile has been at the forefront of providing platforms that empower and support its customers to achieve more via technology. Since its entry into the Nigerian market a decade ago.

“The telco has consistently launched ground-breaking products and services that help individuals, businesses and communities to grow and advance exponentially,”.

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However, several young Nigerians who are active on the platform see the offer as a bit tricky and one that is less important based on the fact that the telco wanted them to make a data purchase before they can start to enjoy the free Whatsapp. He further explained that the essence of free facility or bonuses from telcos is to give customers the opportunity at a particular time to communicate and not left out especially when they don’t have much to subscribe.

He further disclosed that there is no way they can actually discern that the WhatsApp chat is Free since they already have an active data plan.

He, however, recommends that the9mobile strategise and work out mindblowing data bonus if they are keen on attracting new users and gaining a substantial part of the market.

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