5 Best Multi-account cloning apps on Android 2021

5 Best Multi-account cloning apps on Android 2021

An Android-powered device is also referred to as smartphone. But sometimes its smartness does not allow users to have multiple accounts, say for social media or other sensitive and personal accounts. Nonetheless, the smartness of developers cannot be neglected.

They have developed cloning apps through which you can run multiple accounts on your android phone. The 5 best of these cloning apps for android is what I have carefully brought you in this post.


parallel space android cloning app

Parallel Space graces this post as one of the best and most popular clone apps with which you can run multi accounts of different apps on your android device. With this app, you will easily clone any app and hence use different accounts on the app.

As Parallel Space allows you to run the same app parallel without hassle, one of the greatest features of this android clone app is that it allows users to customize the themes to their taste.

The app also is an app purchase option, which when activated allows you to run up to five different apps, cloned.

  1. MULTI

As the name implies, Multi App is another app cloning mobile application for Androids that we can say “Yes” to. This app is an easy one that helps you run two or more accounts on your smartphone.

The app is an easy one to use and it is free. With the Multi app, you can secure those different accounts using the privacy locker feature of the app. Another great feature of the Multi clone app for smartphones is that it allows users to customize app icons and labels.

This app gives you the total security and privacy you need. One may not easily decipher you are running different accounts on one device.


CLONE CAMERA android cloning app

Clone Camera comes third on this list of 5 best cloning apps for androids. With Clone Camera, you will be able to manage multiple cameras on one android device.

This app also provides a high-security option, which allow you to keep all your data safe and secured from second or third eyes.

There is also a share feature in the app through which you can share those beautiful pictures of yours with your friends on social media; the likes can calm your nerves you know.

Of course, you wouldn’t have notification interference as every notification is relative to the account it is for.


DUAL SPACE android cloning app

You could have a personal and official (business) social media accounts like WhatsApp but you do not know how to manage the two accounts on the same phone. Well, I think the Dual Space cloning app for android is what you need.

This app, like Parallel Space and others, helps you run more than one account on your android device smoothly. One interesting thing about the Dual Space app is that you can make use of these different accounts at the same time, without much interference.

Your notifications from these accounts will also be distinguished and you will be able to manage your account and responses better.

Perhaps you want to get this app and enjoy its feature, download the Dual Space app for android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ludashi.dualspace


Super Clone - App Cloner for Multiple Accounts

The last on our list but definitely not the least of the best cloning apps for android is the Super Clone app. Using the Super Clone app, you can clone different apps and be able to run multiple accounts on one android phone.

Super Clone is a popular cloning app for android devices with an amazing user-friendly interface. It is pretty simple and just anyone can use it without hassle.

There exist a feature in the app that allows users to receive notifications distinctively without one interfering with the other.

In order to enjoy this app and clone apps, hence run multiple accounts on your smartphone,  download the Super Clone via this link


Of course, now you can run multiple accounts on your android phone having known the 5 best cloning apps. Go ahead and make your smartphone smarter with these apps.

However if you know of other cloning apps for android that you trust is recommendable, please go ahead and leave the name on the comment section. If you have questions also do not hesitate to ask.

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