Top 5 Best Shazam Alternatives In 2021

Top 5 Best Shazam Alternatives In 2021

Sound and more importantly music is an important part of life. For some music lovers, it can even be argued that music is life.

Best Shazam Alternatives In 2021

Sometimes when we hear songs we like for the first time on a radio station or public address system of a train station, sometimes maybe even a tune inserted into an advert, if we can’t contact the person behind the speakers to ask for details of that song, it’s almost impossible to get the song for our selves.

Luckily for an app like Shazam that can detect the frequency of notes and compare it to that on an already existing music database, we don’t have to miss out on those tracks we vibed to.

However, Shazam on its own has its flaws (that won’t be discussed here), which makes it practically unable to meet up with all the demands of smartphone users around the world.

Top Five Shazam Alternatives

In this article, we have put together top five alternatives to the Shazam app that you can try to satisfy your music finding needs.

1. SoundHound

Soundhound Shazam Alternative

This is by far the best Shazam alternative out there and to some extent, the biggest competitor to Shazam.

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, all you have to do is play the song or go close to the source of the song, then hit the “Big Orange” button, and the app will search and identify what’s playing, and even provide the lyrics too – Yes it’s that simple.

Shazam doesn’t just identify songs alone, it’s integrated features makes it an app that you simply can’t stop using. It comes with the hands-free functionality, just say “Hey Sound” to activate, and give music queries like “what’s that song?” “show me lyrics to Bodak yellow” etc.

The app is so sophisticated that sometimes it just needs the hum of the tune to get you what you need. Songs can be added directly to Spotify or iTunes, and your search results can be synced with multiple devices. It’s available for both iOS and Android OS users.

2.   MusixMatch

Musixmatch Shazam Alternative

This is also a good alternative to Shazam. Although at first started as just a place to search for lyrics, it has since added playing of songs within the app.

This 2in1 feature makes sure that after searching for that desired song, you also get the lyrics to it without carrying out another search. You can search for songs by song title, artist or allowing the app listen to the song itself.

Songs can also be searched using information as limited as a single line if the lyrics. It can float searched lyrics over other music players like Spotify, Play Music, etc.

The app is capable to some advance features like floating lyrics over YouTube music videos, and home casting local music to your smart TV with Chromecast. It’s available on both Android and iPhone.

3.   Music ID

Though not as popular as other Shazam alternatives, Music ID is a decent app that identifies a song playing in the background after just a tap of the “Red Mic” button. The app displays details of identified songs such as album name and cover, date of release, link to official video on YouTube, etc.

It can also give details of your favorite artists such as photos, date and place of birth, AKAs, number of songs released etc. Its light weight and simple interface is also another quality of the app that can’t be overlooked. The app might not also search lyrics for you like others will do, but you’re sure of getting that unknown song identified. It’s available on Play Store and iOS App Store.

4.   Soly

Soly Sing Finder Shazam Alternative

Soly – Song and Lyrics finder, though not very popular, the app which was released on 22 January 2018 has proven to be a reliable alternative to Shazam. It’s sole purpose is to find unknown songs and lyrics, however, it also had an inbuilt music player, which makes it an all-around music app.

With simple and easy-to-use interface, you only need to tap  the “Search” icon at the center of the app while the song is playing to find the unknown song. Impressive features in the lyrics department isn’t left out as it can float lyrics over music videos on YouTube, and even download lyrics to your phone for offline viewing.

It also has karaoke features that allows you sing along to lyrics being displayed on the screen. The only blemish is that its only available on Android for now.

5.   Musera

Musera Shazam Alternative

Musera developed by Simurg, is a music search app that also has social media features integrated in it. Musera, like other Shazam-like apps will help you to identify songs that are being played on your device. However, it’s uniqueness comes from giving users ability to make playlists, and share those playlists with friends.

The app uses GPS location to suggest for trending songs around you, and provides a YouTube button to watch music videos of any selected track. It comes with a messaging feature you can use to connect with fellow users that are into your taste of music. It’s only available on Android for now.

Bonus: Google Assistant and Siri

Google Assistant Shazam Alternative

Although these are not exactly music finding apps per se, or even apps that you download from your app store, they are quite efficient when it comes to identifying songs playing either in the background of your phone or around you.

For Android users, you can simply ask Google Assistant by holding the home button on the screen and saying “Hey Google, what song is playing right now”, and iPhone users can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri, what song is playing right now”

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