ByteDance to Launch Smartphone

ByteDance to Launch Smartphone

The device will use the patent of the Chinese telephone company Smartisan and will come with the pre-installed ByteDance apps. At the moment it is unknown when it is planned to launch a product. However, sources close to the company point out that this is a great dream of its founder, Zhang Yiming.

Other companies of social networks or web pages have already tried to get their own devices, failing in the attempt

The device arrives less than a week after ByteDance announced that it would launch a messaging app and a music streaming app . This would allow the Chinese company to have its own constellation of mobile apps, similar to other large companies such as Facebook.

In addition, taking into account the popularity of streaming and messaging services, it makes a lot of sense that the next step of the company was to bet on a device to offer all your apps.

In this sense, the idea of ​​TikTok is not innovative . Other companies of social networks or web pages have already tried to make their own devices, failing in the attempt.

Amazon had already tried it with their Fire Phone and Facebook with HTC First . However, the devices failed because, like other hardware of this type, their design has focused on promoting the platform of origin (Facebook or Amazon), instead of guaranteeing an efficient and innovative software.

However, the case of ByteDance could be different. The company has developed its constellation of apps to offer all kinds of services, moving away from the niche apps model that TikTok represents. This could be extremely beneficial for users to acquire the smartphone.

Linked to this, the launch of the mobile device would be focused on China , where the market acts differently and where ByteDance could achieve great success. Especially, if the company decides to sell its product as a low-cost hardware.

In any case, it will only be possible to see the performance of the device once it is launched and reaches the western markets.

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