How to Check Airtel Number with USSD Code

In this guide, I’ll be showing you in simple steps on how to check your airtel mobile number using USSD codes.

Some of our users have been requesting in the conversation section of our website asking for how to check the airtel mobile number so we have decided to make a guide that shows them how to do just that on their mobile phone.

Your airtel mobile number is just a few clicks away, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the dialing app on your mobile phone
  2. Make sure your Airtel SIM is network receptive and dial *121#
  3. On the next screen press 3 for manage my account, and then press 4 for my number option to see immediately see your Airtel mobile number displayed on the screen of your mobile.

Alternatively, you can directly dial *121*3*4# to see your Airtel number displayed on a popup on the screen of your mobile. This method is a lot more straight forward and faster.

Phone a Friend

Another easy method to find out your airtel number is to use your number to dial the number of a friend that is close by to you, to do this you need to make sure that you have some credit to charge on your mobile, and that the person is close enough to you to help you get the mobile number displayed on the phone.

Ask Airtel Customer care

if you still cannot make your way through using any of these above methods you can as well get your airtel mobile number by trying to make a call to airtel customer care.

Tell the call center agent that you need to find out what your airtel mobile number and it will be spelled it for you.

Calling a call center agent can be a time-consuming task several times you need to wait on the phone and call as they attend to other subscribers on the network before you definitely get attended to.

Ask Airtel Customer care VIA Whatsapp

Waiting to get your airtel number might not be a very good option, in this case, if you must contact the airtel customer center operative then you can do it via WhatsApp.

Many people don’t have a clue that you can contact airtel customer care via WhatsApp so if your mobile is the internet and they would only need to do is add up any of the airtel customer care WhatsApp numbers on your mobile phone and send them a direct message requesting for your airtel number.

Airtel Whatsapp Customer Care Phone numbers are:- 07010000116, 07010000117, 07010000118, 07010000119 & 0701263111.

We hope that you will find this guide on how to check your airtel number very useful and we implore you to also check out some of her other posts and also share with friends thanks.

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