How to Check MTN Ghana number & Credit Balance

How to Check MTN Ghana number & Credit Balance

Recently, people have been asking and surfing the net for any available options — that is quick and simple — on how to check MTN Ghana number and credit balance. Hence, this tutorial shall fill that void today.

MTN Ghana have put in a lot of effort in the country’s telecommunication industry and the sacrifices pay off making it the best and biggest network provider in the whole of Ghana.

Thus, as a MTN subscriber in need of some short codes that works for few MTN services, you’re at the right place.
Please do read on…

Ways to Check Your MTN Ghana number

You can pick one out of the following ways or methods to check your MTN Ghana mobile number. Fret not, they are all feasible and legit.

Method #1: Dial *156#
Using the above USSD code to check your MTN Ghana mobile number is the simplest and most easiest of all the available options. You don’t have to stress yourself, kindly dial *156# on your phone and your phone number will be shown and texted to you.

Method #2: Call a friend or relative
When you dial up a number on your phone, let’s say that of a friend, if the number go through, your number will be shown on his phone and then hang up. By doing this, you’ll be able to copy out your number from that friend’s phone.

Method #3: Send a call me back message

You can equally send a call me back message to anyone near you just to see what your MTN Ghana mobile number look like. To do this, send a SMS with 024x-xxx-xxx 1 to 1399. Once the message is well received, your number will displayed as the sender’s number on the friend’s phone, just write it down somewhere safe.
Method #4: Call 100
You can at the same time call 100 i.e MTN Ghana customer care service to request for your mobile number. The service is toll free, sure and relaible too.

Check Your MTN Ghana Credit Balance

To check for your current credit balance on your MTN Ghana network, simply follow any of the following ways:

Option #1: Dial *124#
To check for your MTN Ghana account balance on the go, simply dial *124# on your phone and your available balance will pop up on your mobile phone screen.

Option #2: Use MTN Mobile App
If you have the MTN Mobile App, then you can check for your remaining credit balance using it.

There’s nothing difficult or complicated in checking for your MTN Ghana number and credit balance, with the above tutorial, your problem is completely solved.

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