What are the Dangers of Online Gaming with Strangers?

What are the Dangers of Online Gaming with Strangers?
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Is there any risk when minors accept strangers on online games?

Parents need to understand that some point in the lives of their children ( Son or daughter) the child will need to establish some forms of contacts with unknown personalities may be over the internet. It may be through online games, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, the list is endless. But the Question is…Have you taken quality time on how to respond to such.

Have you explained how to address such moments?

A boy or girl can innocently play with an unknown person over the internet and with time they get to know each other and become close friends with some emotional strings created.

Dangers of Online Gaming with Strangers

As a concerned parent that wants to protect their children, it is very important to call out their attention to it,  and counsel them that they do not really know the person they have met over the internet and hence the need to be very careful so they don’t fall victim of any of the menace that comes with the use of the internet.

They are likely to see pictures of someone that looks more like their age or that looks less harmless, this is the method that is been used to make to lure and attract victims, they can get greetings through chats like” Hi, I’m Emma “, So they don’t fall in the trap they need to be well educated about all of this things and it is the obligation of parents to sensitize children and teens on the use of the internet.

It is super easy to get the image of just about any person on the internet these days, so it is important to let them understand that Anne or  Emma looking harmless can be trap or bait to gain their trust and attention and they should not be so quick to fall for it.

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At the end of each game, they usually ask the Kid about the game they have played and their experiences.  Usually in this way What mistake did you make? Did you enjoy the game? How did you get past level 1?  and so on. 

They will try to give the child enough time to reflect on what to answer in relation to their queries, you need to let your child know that while asking the questions and giving honest review about the game is not a bad idea, they should say or give any personal information, and they should be aware when they are being tricked to do so. Since the person chatting them is unknown, tell them:

It is best to just block the chat or conversation immediately

Let the Kid understand that, it is not about what they think, they may think they are harmless or feel like somebody they can trust.

Daniel Super, Founding Designer and CEO of Cynics United wrote this on Quora

It’s as safe as your behavior.

If you freely give out personal information in text or voice chat like your real name, where you live, where you work, your phone number, your social security number, or whatever… That’s not very safe.

If you just play the game, maybe use a screen name or just your first name, and don’t blast out your personal information for anyone to see, then it’s pretty safe. It’s just a game and nobody needs to know who you are in real life.

It’s really up to you to play safe.

How to Stop Kids from Talking to Strangers online

1. Educate them well on the matter and give examples

2. Gaming consoles, like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, allows for many conversations with players across the globe, but users have full control over through the settings to block such conversations.

3. You can help them select “Privacy & Online Safety.”  or show them how to do and why they need to stay protected online.

4. Parents can as well use custom parental controls that allow them to only talk to well-known friends and not strangers.

5. Parents can cut down on the hours and duration their kids used on playing online games. For example,  Nintendo Switch has an app that allows you to control the console from your mobile.

6. Gaming systems are culprits when it comes to collecting user data and information, they want to know what games is your child’s favorite and likely conversations they may be having, parents can use the privacy settings to avoid collecting more than expected. Some games collect personal information which enables them to match with perfect opponents online, that can be a big threat to your child’s security if you don’t take proper caution.

Tell them, INTERNET AND TRUST ARE TWO THINGS THAT DONT USUALLY GO TOGETHER there are wolves that seem as lambs, to avoid the unnecessary, better block them NOW!

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The Tech Giant Google is planning to train your Kid about the Good and the bad of the Internet?

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