How to Delete WeChat Account

How to Delete WeChat Account

This is a definitive guide on how to delete a WeChat account.  You will agree with me that the WeChat Messenger app is a very useful and multifunctional social media application, however, it is possible that users decide to quit the platform and that calls for deleting the user profile account.

This is usually because users change their cell or mobile numbers hence the need to delete WeChat account.

Clearing History before deleting Wechat account

If the user changes not only the mobile number but also the device itself, it is necessary to “clean up” the history, this is because this may pose a serious security threat and oftentimes users don’t know about this.  When WeChat is not properly deleted and the history cleared a folder with chat archives may become available for outsiders to access therefore leading to serious privacy breach and data leak.

Steps to Clear WeChat History

  1. Open your WeChat account
  2. Navigate to the tab with conversations.
  3. Select a specific chat and delete it through the settings.
  4. To open “I” – “Settings” – “General” at once,
  5. Then in the settings, choose “Clear the chat history.”

The “Migration of Chat Logs” will allow you to transfer conversations to another mobile device.

How to Unlink WeChat account from social media

To unlink your Wechat account from social network and phone number, here is the step you need to follow:

  1. Open the “I” tab on the messenger’s homepage and select Options.
  2. Next, open my account section.
  3. On the page, you should remove all Facebook bindings, as well as id (this box is often filled by Chinese users). If the user is not active, you can immediately untie the email address.

Otherwise, you will need to contact the support service and ask to close WeChat wallet. To do this, you will need an email, you will not be able to close the account on your own.Моя учетная запись Вичат

You should also untie your mobile phone number from your account before you delete your profile in WeChat.

The last item is not obligatory, the mobile number will be untied from the WeChat profile automatically when it is removed.

How to delete your WeChat account

Before you delete your account in WeChat, it’s worth a second thought because you can’t re-register under the same data and phone number.

The required command is located on the same “I” tab, “Settings” – “My account” at the end of the list and sounds like “Delete the account.”

After doing the above, the user can safely uninstall the app from a mobile device. Personal data in WeChat is stored not on the program’s server, but in the device’s local folder.

After removing the software from the smartphone, it will be erased and all media files from your old WeChat account will be gone. The exception is the “Favorites” section data, which is set aside up to 1GB of cloud “space” memory.

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