How To Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria with Shopify (2021)

How To Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria with Shopify (2021)

Is it possible to make money on Shopify? You are just about to find out how. Read on to see the full methodology

The most obvious case is your physical store: thanks to Shopify you have the opportunity to earn much more money, directing your sale to the web and expanding your business. But this is an advantage of all eCommerce. How does Shopify differ? Using this platform you can create a professional electronics store without knowing a single line of code, and especially without having to turn to a web agency for this: the first form of profit comes from saving money.

This detailed guide on how to make money on Shopify is exclusively written for Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. However, all of the principles in the guide are widely accepted and can be used by anyone who is willing to make money online with Shopify in Africa and the rest of the world.

Dropshipping in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya

But how can you make money by dropshipping in Nigeria using Shopify?, if you don’t have your own store or stock full of goods?

This is where the dropshipping idea comes in: certainly not new, but still, a practice that – coupled with this e-commerce platform – proves very easy to implement.

But what is dropshipping?

It is a form of sale that allows you to sell one or more products without physically owning them, and without taking care of the shipment.

In fact, all you will do is create e-commerce on Shopify and display these products in its windows: and when you receive an order, you will turn it over to the supplier (known as drop shipper) who will take care of the shipment himself.

You will earn on the surplus of the price (typically around 15%), and most importantly you won’t face any charges: you won’t pay to create proprietary e-commerce, and you won’t face shipping or packing costs. And you can do it without owning a warehouse.

Is Dropshipping in Nigeria Legal?

You may be wondering whether making money with Shopify through dropshipping in Nigeria is legal: from this point of view, you can reassure yourself, because the practice of dropship is 100%.

Shopify itself is even incentivizing its users to dropshipping and providing a comprehensive guide on how to make dropship.

Of course, you still have to be especially careful about the provenance of the products you sell: since the biggest profit is made on the percentages of low-cost products coming from China, the end-user may be forced to pay taxes import customs. If you don’t include them in your base price, you could cause serious image damage to your Shopify business.

Shopify Monetization

Summing up the above we have already had the opportunity to remember about the profit related to the dropshipping activity using Shopify, we wanted to share with all our readers a series of consequential steps that will allow you to understand how you can make money through this mode of sale, using one of the world’s most popular and most popular electronic trading platforms.

Now, if you don’t know what dropshipping is and you haven’t read the above carefully, let’s remember here that it’s basically the business of selling products without having any actual stock in stock, and with the goods that are delivered directly vendor or manufacturer to the end customer. It is therefore a relatively simple way of selling with ecommerce (but not too much, considering that you will still have the marketing activity, and it is not cheap!) and that it is able to give you so many opportunities to profit.

Moreover, remember that these earning opportunities are multiplied precisely by the existence of platforms of great prestige for all neo-marketers, with Shopify or Aliexpress.

Thanks to Shopify and Aliexpress, for example, you can combine both the problem of effectively offering your products (or, better, your manufacturer’s products) and sending them to your end customer. Of course, the above doesn’t mean you don’t have to face major challenges in order to be successful.

For this reason, in the next few lines we wanted to share with you some useful ideas. Let’s see them together!

Finding the right idea

Of course, the first step you need to take is to find the right idea. Of course, we are fully aware that it is not easy at all. On the other hand, people buy daily gifts, keychains, accessories for their smartphones or TV, cameras and other types of electronics devices, decorations, toys, household products, jewelry and hundreds of other types of product.

This situation for you might seem superficially a drama: with such a wide range of products and services to “treat”, getting lost could be a moment.

Actually, it’s a big plus. Basically, everything that comes to mind could be a product to sell… as long as it’s something that people need. We have discussed many times about how to find the right market niche and, as a result, we can only invite you to consider these insights once again in order to know more!

How to Install a Shopify store

Once you’ve found your niche and developed a good strategy to successfully attack your market, the next thing now is to install a Shopify store.

Doing so is very simple and, again, our many industry insights will certainly be useful to you. First, Sign up on the website of the well-known eCommerce platform and follow the instructions (few) that you will find on video until you complete the registration process.

Once you’re signed up, name your store, finding something sufficiently appealing and attractive, new and in line with the style you want to give your brand. Creating a store, and setting up a Shopify theme, has never been so simple: there are still some things you should know and should make your own, and for this reason – as we got to share with you a few lines ago – you can refer to the many of our guides on this portal or, if you prefer, also to the guides you find on the same Shopify site.

Create an Effective Online Store Branding

A very important element of your store will then be the logo and graphics. Now, don’t be afraid to spend! There’s nothing worse than a design-accurate e-commerce site. So if you think you need a professionally designed logo and graphics, but at the same time you don’t even know how Adobe Photoshop opens, or you understand that Canva and other online tools like postermaywall aren’t for you, don’t waste any more time and hire a professional.

Outsourcing this task to those with more skills will not only save you a lot of time but will allow you to have a truly remarkable finished result. Sure, you’ll probably have to estimate a bigger budget, but rest assured it’s going to be worth it!

Install Oberlo Shopify Extension

If you have completed the above steps with the right attention and awareness, you should have everything ready to go: now it’s time to add products!

However, although the addition of Aliexpress products is a process that can’t be done in minutes, and keeping track of their prices and availability (often very variable) can be a big drag for you, especially if you’re novice, there are different tools that can come to your rescue.

In particular, a particularly effective and useful Shopify plugin is called Oberlo, which will allow you to import dropshipping products directly from Aliexpress into your Shopify store, and ship them to the customer, keeping track of every activity. Be sure to also install their Chrome extension in your brower, as it will help you select products to import into Shopify even faster.

Add Products to your Store

After the above comes the most important task, which type of products to choose and what filters to apply. This is not a particularly simple and immediate choice, but you absolutely have to use some time to weigh it carefully, in order to be able to manage it with the wealth of details and customization that is required of you.

After that, select the products, import them using the Oberlo extension, and edit titles, tags, and descriptions, and then add them to Shopify.

In this sense, also remember that it is important to include a unique and personalized description, also assessing whether you can find better images of the products, in order to replace them with the default images of Aliexpress, which are often not particularly your online marketing goals.

Payment Gateway for your Shopify Store  in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya

If you are planning to dropship and sell stuff online to customers all over the world, then it is important that you choose your payment gateway very wisely. The ideal payment gateway generally acceptable is paypal If for one reason or the other you don’t want to use PayPal you can use Rave Pay or paystack. There are other payment gateways like cash envoy, coinbase, Gocoin, but I’ll advise you stick to either PayPal, Rave or Paystack.

Dropshippers in Kenya and Ghana have had good success stories, especially with Rave payment.



Of course, you won’t have missed that the above cues are… simple indications, which you will then have to choose to adapt to your professional context.

For example, try to broaden the horizons of your strategy. For example, you can sell low-cost products along with high-value-added products that can allow you to increase profit margins. For example, you can combine in your catalog of sales of products at very low price and margin, with more prestigious products. Even if the product is low cost, do not forget that you can still identify niches in which to take advantage of the low competition to be able to convey on the market products with greater margins.

That said, a good technique to increase sales volume and margin is to have more related products: remember that people, if they see value in what you do, will not disdain to buy more, and therefore your goal should be to have a variety of different products, giving your visitors multiple ranges of products so that they can order more than one of those in the catalog. In doing so, cross-selling could become one of your main successful levers for the world of e-commerce.

It also evaluates how to manage shipping costs. Some marketers prefer to add shipping costs instead of increasing prices for products or guarantee free shipping while incorporating at least some of its cost within the price of the product.

Finally, we remind you that the launch of your eCommerce must obviously be accompanied by a more comprehensive promotional strategy. Launch a Facebook fan page to start generating traffic, create presences in other social channels, such as Twitter or Instagram, create ads on Facebook, and more.

Finally, remember that, even in this area, there is no solution that will be good for everyone, but only a path that you will have to try to customize based on the characteristics of your company, your product and your service.

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