Etisalat data plans and subscription codes 2021

A lot of Internet users love to compare the data prices of all telecom networks to help them make a solid buying decision. The Etisalat data plan is one of the reliable internet data plans you can find in Nigeria.

Etisalat (now known as 9mobile) is the 4th largest telecommunication company in Nigeria right now. They offer good tariff plans and available data plans for browsing the internet. Anyone who is looking for a night plan, daily plan, weekly plan or monthly plan can find them on the Etisalat network.

In the course of this article, we may be subjected to refer to 9mobile as Etisalat and vice versa. However, do not be confused because the name may be different but they are actually the same. Whether you are using a smartphone, laptop, smart TV, table etc, the Etisalat data plan is affordable and can be used on any internet-enabled device.

9mobile/Etisalat Data Plans and Subscription Codes

We have compiled a list of all 9mobile data plans. The following are the prices and subscription codes of all data plans on the Etisalat network:

9mobile/Etisalat Daily Plans

The Etisalat daily plan is for internet users who don’t have much task or activity on the internet. Also, this plan is for anyone who is probably using the internet for a short time.

Actually, the data is valid and usable for a period of 24 hours. Furthermore, the data is not really large in size, if you are looking for data with a larger volume, you may consider checking the weekly or monthly data plans.

Etisalat has two daily plans namely:

The 10MB Data Plan costs N50 and it is valid for 24 hours, that is, it lasts for a day. If you want to get this plan, simply dial 2293*8# on your smartphone or send MI3 to 229.

The 100MB Data Plan costs N100 and the validity period is 24 hours, that is, it lasts for a day. If you want to get this plan, simply dial 2293*1# on your smartphone or send MI1 to 229.

9mobile/Etisalat Weekly Plans

The weekly plan is another option for those who are looking for a cheaper and moderate data plan to use. If you are not comfortable with the data volume on the daily plan, you can subscribe to the 9mobile weekly plans.

Etisalat has only one weekly plan which is the 150MB data plan. The Etisalat 150MB data plan has a validity period of 7 days and it costs N200. You just need to do dial the following subscription code 2292*10# on your mobile phone or send LCD to 229.

9mobile/Etisalat Monthly Plans

9mobile has a long list of monthly data plans available for you. These plans have a long validity period of 30 days.

The 500MB Data Plan costs N500 and the validity period is 30 days. If you want to subscribe, simply dial 2292*12# or send LCD2 to 229.

The 1GB Data Plan costs N1,000 and the validity period is 30 days. If you want to subscribe, simply dial 2292*7#.

Also, the 1.5GB Data Plan costs N1,200 and the validity period is 30 days. If you want to subscribe, simply dial 2292*25# or send AND11 to 229.

The 2.5GB Data Plan is another Etisalat monthly data plan. It costs N2,000, the subscription code is 2292*8# or send LCD2 to 229.

Next, the 4GB Data Plan costs N3,000 and the validity period is 30 days. If you want to subscribe, simply dial 2292*35#.

The 5.5GB Data Plan is a data plan which comes with a large data volume. It is made for those wants to access more data to meet up with their internet demands. This plan gives you 5.5GB for N4,000 and you can subscribe to the plan by dialling 2292*9#.

Lastly, the 11.5GB data plan serves the demand of heavy internet users. It costs N8,000 and it is valid for 30 days. You can subscribe by sending MB6 to 229 or dial 2292*5#.

Etisalat Evening Plan

9mobile has 2 evening plans. Both packages have a validity period of 20 days and they can only be used from 7 pm to 7 am.

The 2GB evening plan costs N1,000 and it is valid for 30 days. To subscribe, dial 2293*12#.

The 5GB evening plan costs N2,000 and it is valid for 30 days as well. This plan comes with an extra 100 WhatsApp MB which can be used 24/7.

Etisalat Night and Weekend Data Plans

You can find available night plans on the Etisalat network. These data plans are highly demanded because they give out huge data volumes at cheap rates.

The 1GB weekend plan costs N500, it is valid from 11:59 pm Friday to 11:59 pm on Sunday. You can subscribe to this plan when you dial 59952#.

Secondly, the 1GB night plan costs N200 and the validity period is from 12 am to 5 am in the night hours. To subscribe to the night plan, dial 2293*11#.

The 9mobile night plan provides you with 250MB at an affordable rate of N50. However, you must be on the MoreCliq tariff plan to enjoy this service. If you are yet to migrate to MoreCliq, dial 2441# to migrate. After migrating, you can activate the night plan when you dial 22910*10#.

We hope that you found this post on Etisalat data plan and subscription codes useful in helping you to get the best data bundle to purchase. Ensure that you have enough airtime in your account for the plan you want to purchase before dialing the subscription code. You can check your data balance and know how much data you have left by dialing *228.

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