Facebook deletes 3 million false accounts


In a report published in Facebook’s latest transparency report, the company has eliminated more than three billion false publications between the months of October and March.

Facebook indicated that these deleted accounts do not fall within their monthly count of active users since most of them were coming from spam accounts that were deleted immediately and permanently after they were created.

This is in accordance with the report published by Facebook in the first quarter of 2019, which noted that the social network had exceeded the 2 billion active users, of which, at least, 5% are false accounts.

In addition to deleted accounts, Facebook also claims to have deleted or labeled 11 million publications with terrorist content, 52 million with violent or graphic content and up to 7 million publications and photos containing hate speech.

This is the first one that the company publishes specific data about the content that it withdraws from the social network. In this sense, the transparency report also includes information about the publications that Facebook has eliminated for trying to sell prohibited products on its platform, such as drugs and firearms.

In fact, according to the data reported by the company, more than 1 million publications were eliminated for selling weapons, parts of weapons or ammunition and up to 1.5 million publications were eliminated by the sale of drugs .

These figures mark an increase in the control over publications in relation to the previous months, which Facebook has attributed to its efforts to improve the efficiency of its artificial intelligence, as well as the work of its human censors.

These improvements come after a complicated start to the year charged by the statements of its co-founder, Chris Hughes, who suggested the dismantling of the company for its negligence for its negligence in data protection and dissemination of misinformation.

The enormous progress in controlling the content published also responds to a possible fine of 5,000 million dollars issued by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States.

At the moment, Facebook has promised to issue its transparency reports quarterly, so only time will tell if the social network work is maintained or if it only corresponds to a period of crisis and government pressures.

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