Facebook Launches app to remotely control Portal

Facebook Launches app to remotely control Portal

Facebook Portal will be able to synchronize with Instagram accounts enabling the virtual assistant show the photos of the users.

Through this app users can make remote video calls with Portal and can also select photos directly from the gallery so that they are available on the device as a digital photo frame.

With the function to make video calls, users can call the family from the app, being very useful for those parents who travel frequently or even so they can monitor who is in the house.

Regarding the function of digital photo frames, now the app will allow users to select and arrange the photos they want from their gallery. This option is an improvement over its previous operation, which only allowed users to select photos or albums uploaded to Facebook.

In addition, from now on, Facebook Portal also allows users to synchronize the device with their Instagram account so that the virtual assistant can show their photos on the screen.

Coupled with these changes, the app also allows you to create different Portal accounts and generate speed dial numbers so that users can make calls more easily, which could be especially useful in cases of emergency.

Facebook Portal expects new modifications and functions that were already announced at this year’s F8 conference, such as Amazon Prime Video visualization or controls for smart homes.

However, despite the continuous improvements to maintain relevant Portal, Facebook continues to face a great rejection of the public, who, despite emphasizing the quality of the product and its camera, feels threatened by the data breach scandals that they continually stalk Facebook.

The access that the company can have to the camera and the microphone of Facebook Portal is one of the main concerns of its users, who want to prevent errors like those of Alexa .

That is why Facebook is working on cleaning the product image of Facebook Portal, especially after extending its sale to Europe and Canada looking to increase the sales numbers of the device.

Source: TN

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