Facebook patents drone that works with comets

Facebook patents drone that works with comets
  • Facebook has reportedly filed a patent for a drone that could be kept in the air with the help of two comets. This device would have two kites tied to its structure, would be located at different altitudes and would be directed independently.

At the moment it is not known if Facebook is building this device

The patent was reportedly filed in November 2018 with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The aerial vehicle with a double kite is called dual-kite aerial vehicle. 

This drone could also have a very long flight time because it would consume very little fuel and use solar energy. Not only would it use less fuel, but it would also be more economically affordable. This device could also receive energy through the sun with a system of solar panels.

However, it is unknown if Facebook is building this device. At the moment all that is known is that the company is interested in the field of these unmanned aerial vehicles.

One of the company’s goals with projects like this is to get the Internet to all corners of the world. He already tried to do this through the Aquila Project, which ultimately failed because the company did not get the aircraft to have enough autonomy. The drone prototype of the Aquila project had a wingspan of 28 meters, used solar energy and reached 90 minutes of flight.

Although this project failed, Facebook has joined aeronautical companies such as Airbus to test drones in Australia. Something that reveals the interests of the company

It is likely that if finally, the dual-kite aerial vehicle goes ahead, Facebook uses this technology to try to achieve what was not achieved with the Aquila project and to provide Internet to all corners of the world by light, smart and economically affordable devices.

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