100 Great Facebook Statuses that will get lots of likes, Shares & Comments

100 Great Facebook Statuses that will get lots of likes, Shares & Comments

Facebook has grown to become an indelible part of our day-to-day living. some users just can’t get enough of like comment share on the photos and post on the world’s biggest social media network- Facebook.

For those who like to constantly spice up their facebook status with amazing write messages that will wow their friends and end up getting the most likes, we have had collected lots of interesting and brilliant facebook statuses that will get lot of likes from your friends.

Funny & Silly and Inspiring Facebook Status

  • Ugly people tailing you are stalkers, if the individual is hot, they are your secret admirer.
  • You’re terrified of jokesters? I’m frightened of things that could really hurt me. Like, beasts under beds who attack feet uncovered
  • I would prefer not to carry on with an existence without extraordinary enthusiasm and amazing snapshots of desire.
  • If I had a copier store I would only employ identical twins or doppelganger.
  • Try not to go overboard or quick enough to offer advice. This only train others not to open up to you.
  • Now and then I wish I could guess what you might be thinking. At that point, I wonder if I could deal with reality.
  • That ONE individual you can’t quit thinking about… … until you have nourishment before you.
  • Imagine a scenario in which skin colorations and birthmarks denote where you were executed in your past life.
  • Don’t you dislike when you had checked both the car and the house for your undie, and they were over your head the entire time?
  • Why do parents always think Straight A’s is a piece is a cake that is easy to get?
  • Be reminded that You’re more confident than you accept, more grounded than you appear, twice as beautiful than you imagined and smarter than you think.
  • We need to hurt so as to know, fall so as to rise and grow and lose so as to gain because most of life’s experience is gotten through pain.
  • If I get a dollar for every time I think about you I would have been the richest man on earth
  • A lady’s superpower is transforming an irrelevant misconception into a calamity of scriptural extents.
  • I think on December 21 all the power generating firms should hold the power for like 10 minutes just to make individuals flip out.
  • There truly is a whole lot of a better approach to tell a man who doesn’t communicate in English that his jeans zippers are unfastened.
  • I generally feel like a nitwit. Be that as it may, I am a nitwit, so it kinda works out!
  • Death leaves an anguish nobody can mend, Love leaves a memory nobody can take-Daniel CampBell
  • My life mentor just instructed me to fake an injury.
  • I’m at all time right about the stuff I want to be wrong about
  • I would prefer to hold close than having intercourse, if you know, you know.
  • I wish there was a morning timer that let out around 100 puppies on your face in order to wake you up.
  • Don’t stress yourself! some individuals are their own punishment in life.
  • Attempt this for a day: Instead of saying, “I hate,” say “I dislike.”
  • Done my Christmas shopping. Got everybody a container with nothing in it and a note that implies, “Sorry the World was supposed to end so I didn’t get you a thing, Accuse the Mayans.”
  • Named my vehicle Te-bow since it won’t start
  • My aspirations are greater than my wallet, however, I’ll find a means
  • Is running in front of a vehicle some kind of initiation into the squirrels’ gang?
  • A grin is a modest method to improve your looks.
  • The fastest method to keep away from a discussion is by clicking like.
  • You can’t see your next in case you’re too occupied taking a gander at your Ex.
  • Life is the thing that occurs while you’re attempting to lie down in your bed
  • Credit to those who have the capacities to do what I can’t do.
  • No matter what you do on the Internet, you always end up on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • The unhandy minute when you’re sitting tight for an SMS but then you get to find out you are the one who has not made a reply
  • Every passing moment is another golden chance to turn it around
  • A man who treats his lady like a princess is a proof that he was brought up in the arms of a queen.
  • I may not be there yet, yet I’m nearer than ever.
  • I attempted to change my password phrase to Twilight, but then an error popup which says it contained an excessive number of useless characters.
  • Try not to belive all that goes on in your mind
  • A decent day begins with a positive, inspirational attitude and an extraordinary mug of espresso.
  • I generally give 100% at work: 23% Monday 19% Tuesday 32% Wednesday 23% Thursday 4% Friday
  • Friends are like Orgasms…nobody wants to have the fake one
  • A lost Love is better than living with a psycho for a lifetime.
  • Driving would be significantly more engaging if there were no yellow lights.
  • If perhaps you are fleeing from your life challenges, you might as well pursue your aspirations
  • There is nothing to gain by blaming others for your demise. Jealousy will take anyone to nowhere; it will only bring about restlessness.
  • Realize your Potentials
  • I generally feel like a moron. Yes, I’m a moron, so it kinda works out!
  • Checking the second page of Google means you are really desperate for an answer

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