Top Food and Grocery Stores in Nigeria

Top Food and Grocery Stores in Nigeria

grocery stores in nigeriaDo you know that the Nigerian food and grocery stores were the largest retail market in Africa not until 2015? And they still remain the second fast-growing market in the region right now.

Informatively, there are as many food and grocery stores in Lagos — alone — as there are in some African countries. That’s how big the Nigerian market is.

Although the Nigerian food and grocery stores may be immature and fragmented sometimes, the fact still remains that they’re doing pretty well in the competitive market.

Online Grocery Store in Nigeria is Nigeria’s largest online retail and grocery service provider. It’s a multi-vendor grocery store that offers same-day delivery. You can purchase grocery items online at and have the best prices on food compared to any other online grocery retailer in Nigeria.

Other Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in Nigeria

So, therefore, the following (though not exhausted) are the top 5 Nigerian food and grocery stores that are making waves at the moment.

1. Best Choice Supermarket

Without any iota of doubt, Best Choice Supermarket remains the most preferred plus the largest food and grocery store in Nigeria. This retail store has built a good name and reputation for itself.

It renders a reputable service to the neighborhood and offers high-quality food and groceries product to its seasonal and prospective customers at a not too competitive price.

So if you reside in Lagos or Abuja and in need of a retail store to get food and groceries, Best Choice Supermarkets will serve you better.

2. Shoprite

Arguably, Shoprite is one of the top and leading Nigerian food and grocery store in the competitive market. It has the largest business chain in the whole of Africa with more than 10 branches in Nigeria.

Shoprite has the highest active players in the food and grocery store market — there’s no doubt about it — but what’s worth doing they say worth doing well; the fast-rising of the online grocery stores may affect its business if an adequate measure is not taking.

However, there’s no food item you can ever think of that’s not available in Shoprite. That’s to say; it’s one of the surest Nigerian foods and grocery stores that doesn’t disappoint.

3. Mart Online Supermarket

Although Mart is an online grocery and food convenience store it wouldn’t make sense to leave it out in the top 5 Nigerian food and grocery stores that are making waves at the moment.

The Mart online convenience food, drink, and grocery store offers a smart and fair shopping experience to both its new and returning visitors that reside within the metropolis of Abuja, Nigeria.

What’s more, Mart online grocery store has a very ambitious and understanding management as it offers a value proposition to all its audience with a 59 minutes service delivery, 100% refund guarantee and many more.

4. Everyday Supermarket

Similarly, Everyday Supermarket is another food and grocery store in Nigeria that came into limelight in 1997. Just like other grocery stores, Everyday Supermarket offers shoppers a unique experience with a wide range of food and grocery products.

Initially, Everyday store started as Charley’s Supermarket as a small neighborhood convenience store in Portharcourt around 1994 before it pushes forward to established itself as one of the best in the industry.

However, the Everyday food and grocery store’s biggest incentives came from the confidence their customers had for them, their sale associates humbleness and their everyday disposable financial cash flow.

5. Addide Food and Grocery Store

One thing the top Nigerian food and grocery stores have in common is their fast-growing chains of business. That’s to say Addide Supermarket also has 12 other food and grocery stores across Nigeria.

In addition, Addide food and grocery store have a nice domestic looking and well-arranged modern shelves that housed varieties of everyday use and essential items.

More so, Addide convenience store has a national brand of food, drink, grocery, and cosmetics items that are unique and of standard. It equally invested in modern inventory management software just to make things easier for its customers.

End Note

The trend in Nigeria these days is towards frequent shopping, and there are numerous convenience stores and supermarkets out there. But those above 5 are the leading Nigerian food and grocery stores of the moment.

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