Google has finally made the website available for developers so they can start making an operating system that could replace Android in the future. This operating system is Fuchsia OS, an OS Idea that the Tech giant has been working on for many years.

Google has a  goal to create an operating system designed for its own devices, such as computers, mobile phones or tablets. Currently, Google has 100 professionals working on this project.

Google has ensured that will not allow misconduct on the part of developers in the creation of this future operating system

The website stands out for its minimalism since in it you can only see a white background with an initial message: “Fuchsia Project.

Documentation for developing for the open source operating system ». The page allows access to the section with all the information related to this project by clicking on “Start here”.

The section that appears once pressed in the previous button has available all the documentation that allows the developers to know the operation of the project.

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There are several subsections. Among them is the code of conduct, which will show the developers the philosophy of Fuchsia. With this code, Google intends to create a diverse and welcoming community where developers can report inappropriate behaviors that are contrary to these rules of conduct.

Google will not tolerate any type of harassment and will prohibit intimidating comments, sexual content, incitement to violence or hate or inappropriate jokes.

There is also a glossary where the terms used in the different documents that appear throughout the website are explained. In addition, there is an instruction manual on how to run Fuchsia.

Another novelty of this future operating system is that it deploys on the Zircon microkernel instead of using the Linux kernel as obtainable in Android.

The kernel is the heart of the operating system, the central facilitate all communication between the software and the hardware of the device…

We bring you more as more unfolds about Google new Operating System Fuchsia OS.

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