10 Surefire Ways To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog in Nigeria

10 Surefire Ways To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog in Nigeria

Are you looking for ways to get massive traffic to your blog today? Here are some result-driven tips for you.

There are millions of sites on the internet and unless you have a high traffic website you really don’t have much chance of getting any visitors. So, how do you get free traffic and get ranked by the search engines? Well, the best source of free traffic is the search engines. The only problem is that it can be very difficult to get a high ranking. That is why most people will come across your site and then leave after a few seconds and try to find something else.

How do you solve this problem and have a high ranking. Well, there is no one way. However, here are a few tips that can help you in your quest.

1. Submit and Structure your site properly for indexing

You want to realize that it takes time to get indexed. Most people want to get an article or post listed in a few minutes and then they do it. Sometimes it works but if it does use a lot of force it usually backfires. You have to build some links and hope that Google likes your site. Most people fail at this and give up because it really does take time. However, if you keep building links to your site (which I do), once it gets indexed it should be taken very easily. Now, the real trick is to get indexed by Google. This is trickier than it sounds and I am not sure how to do it. However, I know someone who can do it and he is one of the SEO pros.

2. Use Optimized Content

How is Google going to know your site is relevant to someone who is looking for antique furniture if your site only consists of pictures of cats? Well, Google uses them when working out where to place your site in the search engine. Therefore, if you want to get indexed tell Google about your site by using the right words on your site. This means words like, cars, engines, or motor vehicles, compare with this or that. The interested reader types these words in the search engine and your site comes up in the listings. Your site looks good to the viewer and gets listed. Now, the reader will click on your site and see what you have to offer.

However, if the site is not optimized and the content is poor you will invisible to the viewer. However, this could take some time to work as the viewer will probably want a lot of information and good solid information. This takes time to render properly in the browser. Therefore, if your site is not turning out to be what the viewer is looking for by the time they get there, they will click back to the search engine and try something else. Consequently, the visitor stays for a bit and maybe loads more than once. If you employ the SEO method, you will ultimately drive the traffic and make some profit in the process.

3. Use Word of Mouth

Don’t just advertise the site; let people know about it. The best way to advertise something is to tell people about it. Your friends, family, co-workers, yeah even your WWW cents can all tell people about your site. If they are interested enough they may click through to your site and help you get highly ranked. Otherwise, they will more than likely click away.

Now that you know how to increase traffic and profit from your SEO, I urge you to take action and check your site for these skills. Very few people use these methods and the ones that do use them are generally not using them because they don’t know how. How could you possibly lose to people you have never heard of?

In conclusion, when you are building your site have your SEO optimized as you go. perfection is what you are looking for. When you are using SEO you are supporting it with other methods such as linking and optimizing your keywords. Not only that, but you need to look at the bigger picture and think long term when it comes to marketing. SEO is the most important thing for any company when it comes to getting more traffic to their site. Not only that, it is the most important thing for any business to use for branding. You need to use it to reach new customers and make sure that they know that you are there and open to them. For many businesses search engine optimization is the most important marketing strategy of all times.

If you are one of those brands who desire to make more out of their online presence, and want to offer more service to the visitors in opting for a leads services, than you have to do some rethink on your strategies. As an expert SEO company in Nigeria we understand how difficult it is to overt the competition, and get real value from your investment.

But First Off,Earnings to you!

It is true that leads services fetch you money. But that is only after you start paying for the leads. After that, yourStill not feeling the benefit? It’s only because you are not exactly sure how to begin to earn.


It is true that you can’t simply opt for any other leads services to begin with. If you begin to earn, you can certainly use those to cover up for the gap. But should you?

It is actually not that hard to start earning. There are lots of ways to get just that.

What’s that? Here are thefree easiest ways to begin to earn!

Lead Generating techniques for Online Business

1) Article Marketing

It is free to begin with and by writing and submitting articles to article directories, you end up getting free traffic to your website. There are lots of directories to the contrary of submitting to directories that have a top-level domain. For example, suppose you are a quit-your-own-business site, you can submit articles to Best Home lashes alternative articles directories instead.

The actual linking is to your site; hence, it is considered as one of the greatest sources of free website traffic, and it’s also the best way to get your website linked into valuable directories. For the entire set of search engines, it offers free website traffic. In case you provide content to one hundred such directories, you can expect to receiveiver hundreds of one-way links. Stats 12 to 15 months after the articles were written, you will already have received reasonably good traffic.

2) Answering Questions.

You may find yourself asking lots of questions. For example:

“How do I submit my article link to hundred:” “How do I submit my article to…” “How to submit video link of my article to…”

Top SEO Tip: Try to help the person who is asking the questions, by answering their questions, or at least explaining things in a simpler way:

“esty is the better anchor text for your article”

3) Title

Your title should be composed of the keyphrase which you are targeting.Like Agents Of Change do undergo the change in the real world, SEO deals with online communities as well. Like innocent towns people join and interact with other town residents and citizens. In the process, the members become potential recruiters/businessmen. You can utilize the real-life experience of your visitors as a prospect much better than by creating an air of scam.

Top SEO Tip: To wrathfully combine the keywords into a headline. Just Imagine the power of having “Free web traffic for life” inside the headline. That phrase will get their attention. I’m not saying to avoid using the keywords; but use them with moderation.

4) Bold/Emphasize/Strong

Bold your keyword phrases once, italicize them twice, and emphasize them thrice (with strong, bold and emphasis). It definitely creates a higher level of emphasis, which will eventually help you rank higher in search engine results.

5) Internal Links

The internal linksalotag. When creating and paginating your site, it’s important that your page navigation appears within the body text of the page. Always ensure that your keywords are linked to various parts of your site’s content.For example, if your topic is about search engines and your page’s topic is about search engine optimization, then ensure that you link the topic title to the topic’s main title. Search Engines will best understand the “theme” of your site.

6) external links

Aside from having numerous internal links, another top SEO tip is to have external links. The external links should contain keywords as well. An external link is as important as an internal link. Search Engines will best understand the “theme” of your site.

7) Wordtracker

Wordtracker is a keyword research tool for SEO which will help you find popular keyword phrases that are not too competitive and good to go with a small-sized website. It will also help you determine how competitive a keyword phrase is and how many searches are done for each keyword phrase on any given day. This will help you to decide if you have to put more effort towards ranking for a particular phrase or whether you can simply focus on a certain phrase that is popular because it has a large number of searches and will get you good “TO stuffed” traffic to your site if you decide to target that phrase.

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