How to perform Heritage Bank Cardless withdrawal

knowing how to perform a Cardless Withdrawal has its benefits, as it helps keep your Atm card safe and also solves the issue of card rejection by some Atm machines.

Most banks right now are already encouraging their customers to opt-in for cardless withdrawal transactions, one of such bank is heritage bank, they have successfully updated their banking system to support the use of cardless withdrawal, hence in this article I would share with you the simple steps in performing a Cardless Withdrawal with heritage Bank.


  1. The USSD banking code for heritage Bank.

  2. A mobile phone.

  3. Your sim card registered to the bank.

Steps to Heritage bank Cardless Withdrawal

With a simple USSD code, you would be able to withdraw your cash from any cardless withdrawal enable Atm card without making use of your Atm Card.

  1. With your mobile phone dial 3222038amount# then hit the dial button.
    For example, if you desire to withdraw an amount of #15000, you would dial 32203815000.

  2. Some simple instructions would be seen on your phone, which you have to follow carefully.

  3. A text message revealing a code called Paycode would be sent to your phone.

  4. Go to any cardless withdrawal enable Atm machine.

  5. Press the number 0 on the Atm keypad.

  6. follow the procedures displayed on the Atm.

  7. Put in the Paycode sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

  8. Type in your 4 digit atm pin

  9. Type in the exact amount you want to withdraw, Which must be the same amount you typed, when generating the Paycode.

  10. Wait for the Atm to count your money and then withdraw your cash.

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