How to become a fashion blogger in 2021

    Are you faced with the question of how to start a blog in 2021? Starting a blog isn’t as difficult as you think as long as you follow the right procedures.

    In this post, I will be focusing on the procedures and tools needed to get your blog started. Why would you want to start a fashion blog?

    Is it because you have a flair for Fashion and lifestyle or you are willing to add value to your viewers.

    One crucial thing contemporary bloggers fail to understand is that blogging is not just about writing because you can write, it’s about adding value to your viewers, having established this fact, let’s get started on how to start a fashion blog in 2021.

    What’s a fashion blog?

    A fashion blog is a blog that contains informative content/images on Fashion.

    There a few things you will need to get started
    1. A blogging Platform
    2. A Niche
    3. A domain name
    4. A web hosting provider

    1. Decide on a Blogging Platform

    It is a platform that helps manage your content. A blogging platform must have a perfect content management system (CMS).

    The importance of blogging platforms is that it helps to determine the look of your blog, and it also saves the stress of having to learn programming, etc.

    An example of a good blogging platform includes

    1. WordPress
    2. Blogger
    3. Joomla
    4. Drupal

    WordPress is the best blogging platform in 2021 with an excellent CMS.

    2. Fashion Niche

    A niche has to do with a house/home that houses a particular/specific segment.

    Because it’s a fashion blog you want to start, you shouldn’t select a niche in food or religion. Your niche should be in Fashion.

    3. A domain name

    It is the name you want your blog to bear. It’s the name that appears on the search engine.

    It must be short and specific. It must be quick in the sense that it must be memorable, do not choose a blog name that people can’t memorize.

    It must be specific, that is focused on your niche which is Fashion.
    You can’t be having a niche in Fashion and choose a name that typically fits a food blog.
    Choose a short and specific name.

    4. Web Hosting

    A web host is the home/host of your blog.

    It’s where your website data/files are kept.

    It’s like a store where you save your website.

    The best web hosting as of 2021 is Bluehost.

    5. Content writing

    There are a few things you need to know before you start writing your content.

    i. Keywords

    What are the keywords? Keywords are the searcher intent, what the searcher types into the URL.

    There are different types of keywords

    ii Short tail keywords

    They are made up of two to three words and they are aren’t specific

    iii. Long-tail keywords

    They are made up of more than three words, they are specific and help to drive traffic.

    It is advisable you use Long-tail keywords.

    Keyword tool

    It is a tool used to know keywords, CPC, searchers volume, and keyword difficulty. As a beginner, if you type in a particular keyword into the query box of a keyword research tool and the keyword difficulty is above 40, it will be very difficult for you to rank in such keyword

    Keyword difficulty ranges from 0-100, if keyword difficulty is above 40, as a beginner without a domain authority, it will be very difficult for you to rank with such keyword.

    So a keyword with 0-40 range would do.

    Check the search volume, a search volume of 1000 and above is also good.

    Keyword tools include

    1. AHREF
    2. SEMrush
    3. Google Keyword planner
    4. Ubersuggest


    It means Search Engine Optimization, what does this do, it helps to optimize your content for search engines thereby driving traffic to your website. You can learn SEO online with Google digital skills.

    3. Networking/promoting: build your social media presence, before SEO starts driving traffic to your website, there are other ways you can drive traffic to your website.

    You can by building your social media presence.

    There are social media platforms that permit sharing of content/link they include
    2. Twitter
    3. WhatsApp
    4. Quora
    5. Reddit
    6. Tumblr

    Why choose a fashion blog

    1. It is profitable
    2. Advertisers are willing to page a huge sum of money for the advertisement of their product.

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