How to Generate GT Bank Token/OTP with USSD code

In this banking guide, I will show you how you can generate GT bank soft token on your mobile using USSD Code. Before now GT bank has been using the hardware token for their customers.

It is a small hardware digital device that generates some unique 6 digit codes for each internet banking transactions you need to perform, it’s a big deal for customers as you have to commit 3k naira or so to get the device, some customers lost their token device every month and have to pay each time to get a new one.

As tech further revolutionize banking, things got a lot better, the bank being one of the leading tech-driven banks in Nigeria has now made it possible for all customers to generate token and OTPs from their registered mobile phone numbers, they made it so basic and accessible that you can possibly get things done even on a CDMA phone by the use of USSD code.

This translates to the fact that you do not need to have internet access to generate GT bankĀ  OTP for any internet transaction. In the next few lines below I will show the USSD code to Generate GT bank Toke/OTPs.

Steps to Generate GT bank OTPs/token from your mobile

  1. Make sure you have good signal on the mobile number used to register your bank account with the bank
  2. Open up your mobile phone and dial *737#
  3. Key in 11 to go to Next
  4. Key in 5 to select Generate token
  5. Enter your 4 digit ATM pin
  6. You will receive the 6 digit token as SMS on your mobile phone immediately.

You can as well dial *737*7# to generate token, please not that you must use the token for an online and internet banking transactions within the next 60 seconds/1 minute if you do not use the token, it becomes invalid and you, therefore, need to perform the process again to have a new valid token, even so, the service is free.


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