How Much is Flight from Lagos to Abuja?

The value of traveling by air in Nigeria cannot be underestimated,  While many people have welcomed convenience, luxury, and stress-free travel, a few are still feeling greatly concerned about their security while traveling by air because the airlines did not manage properly and offer quality services in the past.

How Much is Flight from Lagos to Abuja

Fortunately, these issues have been largely resolved and many citizens profit from air travel, especially when traveling to Lagos from Abuja.

Flight Price for Lagos to Abuja/Abuja to Lagos (Naira & Dollars)

How much is flight from Lagos to Abuja? A flight back to and from Lagos costs around $140. On one route you’ll have to pay $70 for non-stop flights from Lagos to Abuja.

It is important to be informed that the price disparity is due to some factors like date and time of ticket reservation. This indicates, that the flight from the same carrier, scheduled for early hours on the same day, between 1 PM and 3 PM will be costlier than the flight scheduled for early business hours of the day.

One-Way Flight from Lagos to Abuja

  • Dana Airways: ₦24, 000 to ₦37, 000
  • Air Peace: ₦25, 000 to ₦43, 000
  • Med-View Airline: ₦24, 000 to ₦44, 000
  • Arik Air: ₦22, 000 to ₦38, 000

Return Ticket from Lagos to Abuja

  • Dana Airways: ₦43, 000 to ₦77, 000
  • Air Peace: ₦46, 000 to ₦70, 000
  • Med-View Airline: ₦44, 000 to ₦72, 000
  • Arik Air: ₦42, 000 to ₦80, 000

The exact flight ticket price you will have to pay for your flights will depend, for example, on the time of the day or week you planned on traveling, how long you are quick to book your ticket in advance, the time of the year that you have your ticket booked, holidays when you book your ticket and other determining factors like weather and the nation’s economy at large.

Lagos is one of the most active cities in Africa and the entire world, has not only welcomed the concept of air travel, but it has also taken full advantage of the potential it offers.

Lagos has a huge population which is mainly Nigerians, and a lot of business is going on in and around the city, which ensures that there is a regular flow of people in and out of Lagos metro on daily basis. Abuja is one of the famous local vacations and destinations from Lagos.

Obviously, Abuja, much like Lagos, is one of the key regions of the Nation. Nigeria’s capital city is also known as the central business area of the nation, which means a lot of traffic through the metros.

While transport by air is the easiest, most comfortable and most secure way to travel from Lagos to Abuja, this is probably not the only way to visit the scenic city of Abuja which is the capital of Nigeria. The best is often considered.

You would be interested in traveling from Lagos to Abuja if comfort and luxury are preferential to you. As reports have it, the busiest local flights in Nigeria are currently flights from Lagos to Abuja and return flight back to Lagos.

An approximate of ten aircraft ply Lagos to Abuja daily, most of the top airlines have a flight scheduled for Lagos at least once every 24 hours.

How many hours from Lagos to Abuja?

Lagos-to-Abuja flights take you in 1 hour and 10 minutes to Nigeria’s breathtaking capital-Abuja. Flights should carry you from the international airport Murtala Muhammed (LOS) and drop off passengers at the international Airport Nnamdi Azikiwe (ABV) in Abuja.

Airlines Plying Lagos to Abuja/Abuja to Lagos

Arik Air, Air Peace, Medview and Dana Airlines are the major airlines flying from Lagos to Abuja. There are direct flights between Lagos and Abuja.

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