How Register for Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Ghana (2021)

How Register for Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Ghana (2021)

How can one apply for tax identification number (TIN) in Ghana? If this is your concern today, then you’ve landed on the right page.

How Register for Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Ghana (2021) 1

I will show you how you can put up with your tax identification process in Ghana, I will also show you some of the requirements that you will need for your tax identification processing, and detail step by step on how to get things done.

According to a new directive from the government of Ghana it is therefore mandatory for every Ghanaian settlers to have the TIN number.

This will establish them as a registered taxpayer and give further access to other services, without the Tax Identification Number of Ghana it has become increasingly impossible to services like the Ghana Card and a lot of others.

For example, when the government of Ghana decides to give some palliatives due to Covid-19, one of the requirements to get the relief fund is the TIN number.

So it has now become very important for all Ghanaian who are taxpayers to have the  Ghana Tax Identification Number (TIN) for present and future uses.

# Ghana Online Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The government of Ghana has since resumed the process of applying for Ghana TIN online.

Intending applicants can use the online portal to lodge their application where they’d be issued a temporary TIN document within 7 to 14 days days that their Tax Identification Number will be ready.

Before I delve fully into the application process, I’d like to furnish you with some reasons why every Ghanaian should pay tax.

# What are the importance of paying tax as a Ghanaian?

There are numerous reasons why every eligible Ghanaian should pay tax, but here are the tree main reasons:

– Bulk of tax money go into funding and sustaining the government of the land

– avoid being confronted with a tax back in the future

– To help government provide effectual social welfare benefits and securitues.

# What is Tax Identification Number?

The Ghana TIN simply means Ghana Tax Identification Number, some other simply refer to it as TIN or TIN number. A TIN number is Uniquely alloted means of Identification for tax payers, the process is overseer by Ghana Revenue Authority known as GRA.

The essence of the TIN number is to facilitate official transactions for eligible and non-defualting taxpayers.

There is more to the Ghana TIN number than just to pay tax, the TIN is also required for a couple of official processes like business registration, Land registration, importation and exportation of goods and more.

# Why do you need TIN number?

To be more precise, if you need to deal with of any of the below public offices, you will be required to have a TIN number:

– Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Customs division especially if you need to undergone one or more of processes such as Import Duty, Import VAT, Export Duty, Petroleum Tax, Import Excise etc.

– GRA Domestic Tax Revenue division which under the ministry of finance, the public office oversees matters on domestic tax administration. They are responsible for identifying and collecting records of all tax payers and they also see to collection for levies and taxes.

– Other public offices you may require to have a TIN is Controller & Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) which mainly sees to the management and providing security custody for public and trust monies.

– Registrar General’s department that sees to the registration of business and administer activities of other legal entities in the country.

– District assemblies

– Other public institution recommended by the minister

# Who can apply for a Tax Identification Number in Ghana?

– As directed by the Ghana Revenue Authority here are the class of people who are eligible to apply for Ghana TIN number:

– If you are a taxable income earner

– All employees, entrepreneur, organization, and all persons liable to pay taxes to the government of Ghana.

– Those who may wants to get their imported goods cleared at the ports.

– If you need to receive some sort of payments from CAGD above, you also need to have TIN

– You also need TIN to get permit from Ghana district assemblies

– Ghana TIN as you may have known is also required to register a business entity in Ghana.

– You also need TIN to get a tax clearance certificate.

– You also need a TIN for land deeds and title registration

The government has been adding quite a lot more processes to the categories where you will be required to have a Tax identification number, soon if you have anything to do with any public office in the country you will be required your Ghana TIN number to get things done.

# What is Ghana TIN number age requirement?

The Ghana TIN number age requirement is 18 years, anyone who has attained the age of 18 years is eligible by age to apply for the Ghana Tax Identification Number.

# Other requirements for Ghana TIN number application

A valid National Identity card
A valid passport
A valid driver’s license
Certificate or letters of business registration
A valid legitimate voter’s ID card

# What’s the fees to apply for Ghana TIN number?

Application for Ghana TIN comes absolutely free of cost.

# what’s the validity of the TIN numbers?

The TIN number does not expire, it remains valid as long as the holder lives.

# How to contact GRA

Ghana Revenue Authority
Off Starlets’ 91 Road,
near Accra Sports Stadium
P. O. Box 2202, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: +233-(0)302-675701-10 / +233-(0)302-686106 / +233-(0)302-684363
Fax: +233-(0)302-681163

For GRA office nationwide:

Call Us :  0800900102/0800373374  or 0302904545/904546

# GRA Whatsapp number:  0200631664 or 0552990000

Ghana TIN number video

Steps to register for Ghana Tax identification number

There are two ways to can start your TIN application;

– Apply for TIN online

– Apply in person

 Apply online

Open your mobile or PC and visit the GRA website to get started. Here is the link to use:

Now you have landed on the page where you will apply online for your temporary Ghana TIN number credentials

Next supply all naming details as required on the online questionnaire, make sure your name is exactly as is on your Identity card to avoid complications in the process.

Input your email correctly

Input a memorable password of 6 characters

Choose your type of identification means

Enter your identification number (it will be checked by the system to be sure it’s correct with available government database)

Upload a scanned copy of your ID, by pressing the ‘upload’ menu

Proceed by clicking on ‘register’

Upon successful confirmation you will receive a positive message confirming your details was submitted… you’re not done yet

Now proceed to your email, to check for a follow-up email, be sure to check spam folder too, in the email you will be directed to stage two of the processing.

How to apply in person

To apply in person for the Ghana TIN number, you will need to visit the nearest office of GRA, you will need to request, fill and submit a tax registration form, make sure you have all valid documents we have highlighted in the requirement section. Once you’ve completed the form correctly, submit back the form to the GRA office.

Your TIN number should be ready for collection in 7 to 14 days.

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