How to activate DND on Airtel

How to activate DND on Airtel

DND is an acronym that stands for “do not disturb” it is a self-service platform adopted by the Airtel Nigeria to empower customers to be able to manage all promotional messages sent to their lines.

The service was implemented to empower customers to manage unsolicited SMS or promotional voice calls from third parties.

The service was introduced in compliance with the directive of the telecom industry regulatory body, Nigeria communication commission (NCC).

How to Activate DND on Airtel

To activate DND on airtel, please follow the steps I have provided below

1. Visit the DND’s page on Airtel’s website
2. On the big red squared titled Airtel mobile service, click on the “click here” button displayed
3. Enter your Airtel phone number
4. Click on the “Get one-time password” displayed on your screen
5. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device
6. Click the “stop all” button
7. Click on “submit”

DND has been activated on your Airtel number

To activate DND on your mobile phone with SMS.

Before you opt-in for the DND service please be informed that the DND service comes with two options
1. The partial DND
2. The full DND

The partial DND allows you to receive some notifications.
To activate, simply text the number of the notification you want to subscribe to, to 2442

To receive a notification on banking, financial and insurance product, send ‘1’ to ‘2442’
To receive information on real estate, send ‘2’ to ‘2442’
To receive information on education, send ‘3’ to 2442
To receive information on health, text ‘4’ to ‘2442’
To receive updates on customer goods, send ‘5’ to ‘2442’
To receive updates on information, send ‘6’ to ‘2442’
To receive SMS on tourism and leisure, send ‘7’ to ‘2442’
To receive notification
To receive updates on sport, send ‘8’ to ‘2442’
To receive an update on religion, send ‘9’ to ‘2442’

To activate the Airtel’s Full DND

Simply send ‘STOP’ to 2442

To verify your DND status
Text ‘STATUS’ to ‘2442’

An SMS indicating that your status has been activated or deactivated will be sent.

Deactivate DND

If you think you’re missing too much notification or SMS and wish to deactivate the DND function on your mobile simply send allow to 2442.

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