How to buy airtime from GT Bank (USSD Code for Money transfer)

How to buy airtime from GT Bank (USSD Code for Money transfer)

Are you a GTBank customer looking for how to buy airtime from your bank? This article will provide you with information on the way to buy airtime from your GT bank account.

One of the services offered by Guarantee Trust Bank is Mobile Top-Up. This service was created to enable people to buy airtime and data instantly on their mobile devices.

With this service, you do not need to roam the streets in search of recharge card vendors; neither do you need to scratch & enter the PIN of recharge card coupons.

Once you purchase airtime from your account, the credit gets to your line immediately; the transaction is carried out. If you must purchase airtime from your GT Bank account to your mobile phone, you need to be a customer of GTbank or have an account with the bank.

Also, you should have enough money in your account to carry out the transaction. For example, if you want to recharge your line with ₦1,000. You must have up to or more than ₦1,000 in your bank account.

Buy Airtime From GTBank (Internet Banking Method)

The GTBank mobile app is needed to buy airtime using the internet banking method. Log in to the app, click on ‘Buy Airtime’, select the network, enter the amount you wish to buy and enter your PIN to finalize the transaction.

Buy Airtime From GT Bank (USSD Code Method)

You can buy airtime from your account using the GT Bank USSD code as well. The GTBank USSD code is 737; to buy airtime for yourself, dial 737amount# on your phone. For instance, if you want to recharge your line with 1,000, dial 7371000#. Your line will be topped-up with N1,000 instantly.

If you want to recharge the phone of a third-party, dial 737AmountPhone number of the recipient#, for instance, dial 7375000803694007#.

When buying airtime for a third-party, there are some prompts that you must follow. Therefore, ensure you follow them.

GT Bank USSD CODE For Money Transfer

GT Bank, fully known as Guaranteed Trust Bank, is no doubt one of the most popular banks in Nigeria. As a customer, how can you make money transfers without the use of the internet or having to visit the bank for deposit?

Lots of factors to be considered but irrespective of that, the GT Bank USSD CODE comes to your rescue making transactions with your bank fast, more accessible as well offline.

Provided you have a network. You can make a money transfer from your GT Bank to any bank account in Nigeria and even beyond.

Enough of the talking, let’s get to the main deal on How to transfer money from your GT Bank account to other banks’ account.


  • Ensure you connect to your network provider.
  • Make sure your bank SIM is available with you.
  • Ensure you have some airtime in the SIM.

How to transfer money to other banks with GT Bank USSD code

  • Dial *737#
  • Choose the transfer money option.
  • Input the receiver account number correctly.
  • Proceed and select the receiver bank name
  • After this, the account name will be displayed on your screen, ensure it’s correct. Then click continue.
  • Input amount.
  • Validate transaction with your four digits pin.

And there you have it. Your transfer is successful. Are we these tips helpful?


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