How to check Airtel data balance via SMS

How to check Airtel data balance via SMS

Dear Airtel customer, are you wondering about how to check your Airtel data balance? If yes, then you will have to pay rapid attention to this post.

Most times, we are engrossed into internet and online activities that we forget to check how much data we have left. Without checking your data, it is likely that you will not know how much data you have left to use. Moreover, you may be caught unawares and get disconnected from the internet during a crucial period.

As a matter of fact, your data balance changes frequently as you use the internet. Whether you are posting pictures, watching videos, chatting with families & friends, making educational research, sending a message etc, your data is going to be used in the process.

You may want to know how much data you have left so as to keep track of the volume of data you use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Apart from Glo, Airtel is another telecom company that gives you cheap data plans.

Just like Airtel would say, ‘Data Is Life‘. This telecommunication network has given you reliable and affordable data bundle offers and a strong network for browsing the internet.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

There are many ways you can use to know your airtel data balance. However, we will be focusing on the SMS method. This way, you will get message notification from Airtel on the data volume you have left to consume and the validity period of the data.

Checking your Airtel data balance is as easy as ABC, you only need to use the code. Dial *141#, then enter ‘6’ to check your data balance. When you do this, you will get an SMS notification instantaneously on your data volume.

We hope this article has helped you in checking your data balance on Airtel. If you think it’s cool, feel free to share and recommend it to a friend.

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