How To Fix “Unfortunately The Process Has Stopped.”

How To Fix “Unfortunately The Process Has Stopped.”

The error message has stopped appears whenever a core process of the Android operating system fails to function properly. There is no clear-cut reason for why it happens, it can occur as a result of your device being on a lower firmware version, installation of an unstable update, or even when you’re running out of storage space. Although, there is no explicit way for resolving this error, there are different ways to resolve this error, most involving just a few taps here and there.

Five Ways To Resolve “ has stopped” error

In this article, five ways to resolve the error will be explained. You can use whichever one that you prefer or works best for your device.

1.    Clear Cache Data

This is the most fastest and easiest way to resolve this error. Yes we know that cache data are useful for improvement of load speeds, however, when they accumulate for long periods, they can fill up memory space, and sometimes become corrupt. This can easily lead to your device displaying the error message as it tries to read the corrupt cache files before executing the core process. The cache files associated with this type of error is the “phone app” and “SIM tool kit app”.

They can be cleared by going to Setting>>Apps>>Then selecting either “Phone” or “SIM Toolkit”, for each case tap on Storage>>Clear cache. Please note when doing this, avoid Taping on “Clear storage” because it may result in losing all your contacts.

2.    Use Aroma File Manager

This is a recovery based file manager (the world first actually) downloadable on the XDA website. This let’s you manage files in the recovery mode of your device. Download the file, boot your Android into recovery mode, select “install from SD card” then select “AROMA Filemanager Zip File”. After installation, you can delete the temporary cache files of your Phone and SIM toolkit appointment.

3.    Boot Device Into Safe Mode

Sometimes the problem may not be from the core apps on your device, it could just be from a third-party application. In this case, you’ll have to boot your phone into Safe Mode to confirm. Safe Mode disables is used to deactivate the third-party apps on your device, if the error message stops after all third-party apps have been disabled, it most likely means that the error is coming from a third-party application. You’ll have to uninstall these apps starting from the last installed so as to identify the particular app causing the problem

4.    Turn Off Auto Update Date & Time

Some Android phone users suggests that the problem can be resolved by turning off auto update of date and time. Considering the fact that smartphone manufactures don’t give clear-cut procedures to resolving these errors, I’d say it’s worth a shot. If auto update date time is checked, try having it unchecked, to see if it works for you.

5.    Factory Reset

This should only be done when all else fails. It’s highly recommended to have a comprehensive  backup of all important data and files on your phone before going for this option. Factory reset will erase all third-party apps, phone data and settings – pretty much like getting a new phone. Navigate onyour mobile to Settings>>Backup & Reset>>Factory reset, if your phone layout allow you to locate it like this, just tap “search” on the settings menu, search for “factory reset”.


Resolving these errors that displays pop-up messages on the screen to some extent, requires a trial and error approach to it because, these pop-up don’t ever come with a reason why the error is present in the first place. I’ve listed five ways the “ has stopped” error can be stopped, depending on what caused the error in the firt time. If you know another effective way, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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