How to hack MTN mobile Money

How to hack MTN mobile Money

This tutorial is going to expose you to the step by step instructions on how to hack MTN mobile and as such, read line by line to understand the full gist.

MTN service is one of the leading and highly celebrated network provider in Africa; this feat is one of the reasons why their company is prone to hacking.
Well, truth be told there is no any reliable way to hack MTN mobile money as they are always on the check out to ensure that their services are safe and secure.

That is to say, this tutorial might stop working any moment from now but before then, you might want to consider the following steps to hack MTN mobile money in Ghana.

How to hack MTN mobile money in Ghana

Other than the MTN mobile money app, the other two things that you need to hack the app is Token ID and Secret code which you can generate following the instructions below.
Step 1: Dial *170#
Open your phone dialer and dial the above USSD code to get started and follow the instructions that will be displayed on your phone religiously.

Step 2: Choose 1
Once a pop up instruction is shown on your phone, kindly press 1 for transfer money and select option 2 thereafter for mobile money.

Step 3: Enter anything you like
After you must have chosen option 2 for mobile money, you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll be require to write a token ID, just write anything you like there.

Step 4: Enter Amount
Up next is the amount you so wish to transfer from mobile money. Just enter 50 into the box, nothing more, nothing less.

Step 5: Reference
After you must written 50 as your preferred amount, MTN will still request for a reference and simple write anything there.

Step 6: Enter secret code
You’ll need to generate a secret code for yourself. Enter any simple to remember number as your code and confirm it thereafter.

Step 7: Enter your mobile money pin
The last step on how to hack MTN Ghana mobile money is to put in your mobile money pin code to crown all the efforts made above.

Immediately you enter your mobile money pin, you’ll receive a message containing your secret code and token ID, write it down and open your MTN mobile money app to finish what you started.

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purpose only.

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