How to know/Check your Etisalat/9mobile number

With every scintilla of truth, 9mobile (Etisalat) is one of the front-runners mobile network providers that can’t be overemphasized in Nigeria. Their legacies had spread all over Nigeria. In fact, it’s inevitable in some part of the country.

You might have been using your 9mobile sim card for quite some time now but don’t know how to check for your number. Well, if that’s the case, relax then.

Before going deeper into the actual topic of discourse, you might want to be informed that the 9mobile network have changed hands of ownership severally. The last was the popular Etisalat Nigeria that had become a household name.

Hence, all the initial Etisalat SIM card has been migrated down to the present day 9mobile – automatically. So, if you are curious on how to know your Etisalat/9mobile, endeavor to read further.

How to check my Etisalat/9mobile number

Without much delay, below are the various ways you can adopt on how to know your Etisalat/9mobile.

Step #1: Using USSD Code (*248# )

There are virtually three distinct ways you can adopt to know your Etisalat/9mobile number and the fastest and surest means is by dialing the USSD code.

That is to say, you can check for your 9mobile number if you simply dial *248#. The moment you dial the code, your mobile number will pop up on your mobile device screen.

Step #2: Call the Customer Care Service

Of course, another viable but not too popular means of knowing your 9mobile number is by putting a call across the customer service center.

Most people don’t like this method because it’s time-consuming and frustrating. But nevertheless, calling 200 which is the 9mobile / Etisalat customer service number is another legit way.

If you dial the number and your call is being answered, just request for your mobile number and it’ll be sent to you as a text message.

Step #3: Call a friend

The most popular and convenient way on how to know your Etisalat/9mobile number is by calling or beeping a friend via same mobile number you want to know.

In as much as you have a token on your mobile account balance, it suffices and all will be done within seconds. It is immaterial whether or not the number you’re calling is 9mobile.

Step #4: Via Call me back

The last method you can use to check for your Etisalat/9mobile is by sending a call me back to a friend, family or neighbor who uses 9mobile network too.

This method is strenuous but can be best used where all the above three steps can’t be met. That is, you don’t know the official USSD code, the customer care service aren’t picking up and you don’t have a dime on your account balance.

Therefore, the best alternative to resort to is by sending a call me back to someone that uses 9mobile network as you.

End Note.

The above-mentioned ways are the only available options you can adopt on how to know your Etisalat/9mobile number. We do hope it’s helpful!

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