How to make money with GT World and 737

How to make money with GT World and 737

Are you a GT bank customer? Do you know you can earn money with GT world and 737 with the steps I will provide in this guide. Guaranty trust bank plc. recently provided its customers an opportunity to earn money at the comfort of their home and mobile phones. It is regarded as a lifesaver as this has saved most Nigerians from experiencing boredom due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This new offering by the GT bank gives you the opportunity to earn commission on airtime sales and money transferred to third parties. The service is completely online and it is available on the GTbank USSD code and GT world platform.

This means once you are registered, you can carry out transactions for anyone, anywhere at the comfort of your home. One of the ways to earn on the GT bank make money is by selling airtime and data.

How it Works

By selling a minimum of 10,000 naira airtime or data, you earn a 2% commission on all transactions at the end of the month. One unique thing about using the make money service is that you are permitted to set your own charges for the transfer.

You do not need any hardware installation to carry out transactions, all that is needed is your mobile phone.

The “make money” is available on the GT world and *737#
How to make money with the GTWorld and 737

Steps to make money with GT world and 737

1. Download the GT world app from Google play store
2. After installing the App, click on the sign-up button and follow the prompt

Earn by Transfer

1. Once you have completed the sign-up form, navigate to the second page of your dashboard and click on the “make money” option

2. Select “transfer”
3. Choose the account to debit and the recipient bank.
4. Enter the recipient account number and amount
5. Enter the recipient account number and amount
6. Click “continue” to complete your transaction

Earn by selling airtime & Data

1. After you must have signed up and navigated to the second page of your dashboard, click on the “make money” option.

2. Select “Airtime/data request
3. Select Airtime type (VTU/e-pin)
and the account to debit
4. Choose the recipient network, amount and recipient phone number
5. Click “Continue” to complete the transaction

For those that don’t have an internet-enabled phone, simply dial *737*73# from your mobile phone and follow the prompt displayed on your screen.

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