How to Share Glo Data in 2021

Are you a Glo subscriber but have no idea on how to share Glo data with your family and friends? If yes, this Glo data transfer tips will be of help to you.

Globacom is one of the leading network providers in Nigeria and in Africa at large. Being an indigenous mobile network provider, it has a lot of amazing offers and bonuses that are too tempting to let go.


So if you have enough data on your Glo SIM, you may want to be magnanimous enough to share it with your friends, mates and colleagues that are out of data. And that’s exactly what this article is going to teach you.

But before you can share your Glo data with anybody, you firstly need to know the tariff plan in which the beneficiary is. This is so because there are varieties of tariff plans and these tariffs USSD codes are quite different from each other.

Once you know the tariff plan the beneficiaries are, you can follow the below steps to share your Glo data with them.

 How to share data on Glo Network

  • Step 1: Subscribe to Glo data plan

The number one thing to do on how to share your Glo data bundle with your friends and acquittance is to subscibe to any Glo data plan that you can afford.

Not only that, make sure that the data plan you will be subscribing to has a sharing and gifting option. Only then will you be able to share it with your close circles.

  • Step 2: Add beneficiary

Now that you’ve subscribed and have enough data on your SIM card, up next is to add the number of the person you want to share your data with.

There are two possible ways to share your Glo data with the people you love. You can either add beneficiaries by dialing a USSD code or through a text message.

Hence, to add a beneficiary using the USSD code, dial 12701* [beneficiary’s number]# and press send. For example: 12701*08058902213#.

On the other hand, you can add the number of people you want to share your Glo data by sending SMS to 127. To do this; send the SMS in this format: “Share [beneficiary’s number]” to 127. For instance: Share 08051234567 to 127.

Whatever the method you adopted, the moment you follow the above ways, you’ll receive SMS confirming your transaction to be successful.

However, you may decide to unshare your data with a particular beneficiary in which case you’ll have to identify his number.

To see all the number of all the people that are sharing your data bundle, kindly dial 12700# on your phone dialer and press send. On the other hand, you can just send “List” as a text message to 127.

Data they say, is oxygen and that’s to say, it’s life. In case any of your friends are out of data, you can breathe life back to him by following the above steps on how to share Glo data conveniently.

How to Unshare Glo Data

We have also written a very detailed guide to put you through on how you can Unshare your Glo Data.



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