Huawei denies launching its own OS next month

Huawei denies launching its own OS next month

The tense relationship between the United States and Huawei comes from far away, and the executive order signed by Donald Trump and the inclusion of Huawei in the Entity List are only new episodes in this unequal struggle. The most important ones so far, but probably not the last ones.

Whatever happens, the Chinese company has been putting in the worst for months , and as part of its plan B figure a new operating system that does not depend on Google and its services in smartphones or Microsoft computers.

Today, according to TechRadar , Alaa Elshimy, Director and Vice President of Business Business of Huawei in the Middle East, has confirmed that Huawei will launch its operating system starting next month , although we do not know if it refers to June or July.

“Huawei knew that this was going to come and he was getting ready. The operating system was ready in January 2018 and this was our “Plan B”. We did not want to bring the operating system to market given the strong relationship we had with Google and others, which we did not want to ruin. Now, we will begin its launch next month. “

The statements of the Huawei manager surprised by the deadline, because until now expected a response in the form of operating system for the second half of the year, or even next spring , when also had already passed the moratorium that was signed until the end of the year. August 19th .

But not surprisingly, Huawei needs to continue to develop its own software and, above all, with quality applications and updates on their smartphones, something that can not work with Google in the face of launches such as the hypothetical Mate 30 and others will be impossible in the future.

The same goes for your Matebook laptops . As much as Windows is more easily installable and updatable by any user when Huawei can no longer count on Microsoft, if finally the United States does not reverse the veto , the company needs to be able to market its hardware with guarantees. And for this they would launch this operating system.

There was also talk of HongMeng OS , but it is the name of internal development. Huawei CEO, Richard Yu , confirmed the existence of an alternative operating system to Google’s Android and Windows , and different information points to what we know as ARK OS would be an operating system of even more platforms than smartphones and PCs, reaching TVs, wearables, home appliances, etc .

The system will be compatible with Android applications, something that the manager has also confirmed to TechRadar, and it has also been known that if the developers recompiled them, they could increase their performance by up to 60%.

It is not known if it will be based or not on the Android free base (AOSP), but what is certain is that it will not have any service that depends on Google.

The statements are surprising because it was Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, who said that one of the possibilities was to launch the system in the spring of 2021

In any case, if finally ARK OS arrives next month, we will have to see if it is a parallel release to Android with Google services and Windows or if Huawei decides to replace them throughout all product ranges . You have to remember, since we do not know under what platform it is written, that Huawei can use Android’s free base, but not Google’s services. As an alternative application store to the Google Play Store, Huawei has App Gallery .

Once this operating system has been developed, the process in which Huawei is immersed since 2012, and launched as plan B, the following is to see what hardware availability the company has for its next equipment, given the cessation of collaboration with Qualcomm, Intel, ARM , the Wi-Fi Alliance and others, the alternatives are very scarce, and can cause a wreck on even their own chips, the HiSilicon Kirin .

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