20 Illegal Side Hustles That Can Land You In Jail

We’ve chosen the topic- illegal side hustles today and why they can land you in Jail. Making money illegally is risky and can make you spend the rest of your life in jail. There are lots of things people do to earn income; some are legal and others are unethical. Regardless of how you want to make money, we have made a list of ten illegal side hustles that can land you in jail.

People can do anything to get money, most people do not mind doing dubious and immoral activities to get cash. A side hustle is an activity, skill or service you offer for money outside your normal job. For instance, a teacher who teaches his or her students Monday to Friday can decide to start a blog or set up a computer school as a side hustle.

Illegal side hustles are activities that people do to make money. These activities and businesses are prohibited by the law and doing it may cost you to spend some or the rest of your life in jail.

Though we don’t advocate making money illegally, we think that by hearing about illegal side hustles, anyone will learn more by avoiding them to avoid any legal troubles.

10 Illegal Side Hustles That Can Land You In Jail

The following is a list of some unlawful side hustles that can make you spend your life locked up in jail.

1. Stealing

No nation has ever endorsed or accepted stealing as a way of income. If you collect people’s stuff from their houses without their knowledge or rob banks, you are stealing and this can land you in jail.

There are simpler forms of stealing like using other people’s intellectual products without authorization, these are some of the illegal hustles that are greatly frowned against by the law.

2. Credit Card Scam & Fraud

You can do this by getting a credit card skimmer and attach it to an ATM. People visit ATMs regularly to withdraw cash from their accounts. In this case, when someone inserts their ATM card in the machine, the skimmer saves the card information. With this information, you can buy goods online and collect funds from the account.

Often spam-related, but not always, scam is a form of theft. You get an email or phone call from someone acting as the bank agent or anything related, Upon telling a very plausible story to build a sense of urgency so they can get you to transfer them some emergency cash.

Also, you might have heard about another form of scam called sweetheart scam where you meet someone online and they want you to wire them some money all in the name of the falsified emotional relationship, they usually request such money on grounds that they need it to travel and meet their ticket needs to meet their new partner for the first time, this is especially common to Africans and Asia.

Then then there’s the bogus check fraud, where someone tells you let their friend or relative make payment for an item listed VIA check. For example like a second-hand Laptop you’ve advertised on Ebay-listed.

The friend or relative owes the purchaser’s money, so that the check is over the sale price. The customer automatically asks if you can pass the balance to them – the check is, of course, fake until your bank notifies you.

3. Prostitution

Selling and commercializing your body for sx can make you money fast, however, it is risky and dangerous. Many sx workers put their bodies on the line to make money and lots of them earn more than $10,000 annually.

4. Pimping

A pimp is an agent who arranges, manages and recruits prostitutes. The pimp collects a part of the prostitutes’ earnings. A pimp with 20 or more prostitutes can $1000/weekly, pimping is considered as an illegal way to earn money.

5. Illegal Sports Betting

Sports Betting is not completely legal, it is accepted in some countries and prohibited in some other countries. If you play sports betting online in countries where it is banned, then you are committing a crime.

It is not actually illegal to Gamble itself, Nonetheless, there are several ways to it can into an illegal side hustle.

While it has become lawful in some jurisdictions, many people have found that you can become rich by hosting your own daily fantasy sports online.
And if you gave it your all to come up with such platform using advanced software, you would possibly have to mind that that your revenue is owed to you either legitimately or not.

6. Drug Dealing

Most countries do not allow people to engage in drugs dealing. Drug barons and dealers exist but they do their transactions under the carpet, away from public eyes.

There’s a lot of money to be made by selling marijuana, Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin etc, it can make you a millionaire overnight. However, it is illegal and the jail terms are very harsh and severe.

7. Bank Fraud

Another illegal way to make money is to collect people’s bank information such as credit card details, BVN to withdraw their money. Also, you can forge signatures on bank cheques to collect money from their accounts. This is illegal and can possibly get you in jail.

8. Fake Investment Programs

Creating mouthwatering investment programs for people to join, invest and make money is a financial crime. There are lots of fake investment programs on the internet which has succeeded in enticing gullible persons and defrauding people of their funds.

9. Ransomware

People with hacking knowledge create links that compromises, collects, encrypts and locks the data of people who link on it. Then, the hackers request for money to release or decrypt the information they collected from the business or individual who clicked on the link.

This is a fast way to make money online, it can make you more than $2,000 depending on how valuable the data is, however, it is illegal.

10. Internet Scam (YahooBoys)

Some people impersonate themselves and the pictures of beautiful people to attract suitors. They may request for money for a business proposal or hookup, they receive their money by cash, cryptocurrency or gift card and then block their victim.

Faking your personality to woo wealthy people and obtain money from them is an illegal way to make money. Yahoo boys are simply internet fraudsters, they are people who cunningly use devised fables to rip off their victims of their hard-earned money, they are everywhere in Europe, Africa, Malaysia etc.

11. Hacking

Hacking other poeple’s account or bank account is another grave illegal side hustle that can land anyone in jail, To be honest, not all hackers work illegally: ethical hacking also regarded as white hat hacking is a lawful professional pathway. Yet every conscientious hacker has at least a dozen black hat hackers. There are grave forms of hacking that are illegal, we have also mentioned some of the on this page.

12. Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud that attracts investors and pays money with funds from recent investors to former investors. This leads victims to assume that gains from goods or other means come from sales and they also do not realize their gains is coming from other victims like them.

End note!

Illegal side hustles can earn you money fast, however, it is considered dangerous because of the jail terms. We do not endorse then in any way, rather, we advise you to tryout legitimate side hustles like photography, laundry service, real estate, etc.

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