Apple iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria

Apple iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria

And now that we are starting the second quarter and we have the summer something closer, the rumors of the iPhone XI also increase, For year 2019 we have seen the first batches of flagship of top brands like  Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG and Honor among others, many of them on schedule.

Until the release of the iPhone X launches could be more or less predictable in terms of number of terminals and sizes, also including some features.

But this terminal was a turning point for the brand, which continued with a triple and unorthodox launch last year with the iPhone XR , the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max .

And what most sounds this year is neither the size nor the screen, but the scheme of rear cameras .

iPhone 11, the beast with three triangle cameras

For some time now, there has been a virtual arrangement of three rear cameras in what would be the new iPhone, quite similar to the one we saw in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in that they would be integrated in a square module.

Although that yes, arranged otherwise and this module being in a corner and not in the center of the upper part of the back.

An approach that from OnLeaks , known filtering information of smartphones, now updated with new renders of the new iPhone XI (or new), as it has begun to pre-baptize and as Steve says it will be called. That is to say, in its way the filter “confirms” what has been rumored and sounding louder.

The renderings have been published exclusively in Cashkaro and are images that are based on information obtained by their sources and not that Apple has escaped, but in the past it has been quite successful, hence it is usually attended to what publish.

And in the latter we see very large cameras (in proportion to previous leaks or those of Mate 20 Pro) and a module that stands out considerably .

They speak of an iPhone XI Max and an iPhone XI , which would fit with the nomenclature prior to “10” that was based on a number (non-Roman) and an “S” added in the intermediate or evolution models.

Of course, what they do not say are the characteristics of these cameras, in terms of resolution or the type of lens, but if we have previously seen the combination of standard lens with a telephoto it would not be surprising if Apple joined the current and added a wide angle.

Apparently the screen sizes would remain with respect to the iPhone XS and XS Max, being 5.8 and 6.5 inches respectively. Although what you see is that the frames are somewhat thinner .

The information also includes a presumed dimensions that place in 9 millimeters the total thickness counting that remarkable protuberance for the three rear cameras.

The iPhone XI would measure 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8 millimeters , which would be a volume very similar to the iPhone XS (80.14 cubic centimeters in the XI compared to 78.4 in the iPhone XS).

The back would also be glass and the design would not undergo major changes, seeing only that the microphone occupies a different place to that seen in the renders of January and a button of silence similar to what was formerly in the iPad.

Lightning is also maintained , which seems more likely than that supposed step to USB type C that has been discussed.

Other iPhone 11 rumors

In Applesfera they also gave this rumor of the triple chamber as surer, according to the leaks that even included metallic pieces that seemed to correspond to the chassis of this photographic scheme. But they also listed a series of rumors, from greater to less reliable , which they give to preview or ramble about what we will see in September:

The iPhone XI will debut the processor of the Apple A13 house and will have a reverse charge to charge devices like new AirPods by induction.

They will integrate new OLED panels to be something finer and lighter: if the dimensions end up being confirmed, the iPhone XI would not be thinner than the XS, but a few tenths of a millimeter thicker, although the reduction of frames that has been seen would fit with some new panels.

There could be three models , with screens of 5.42, 6.06 and 6.67 inches, although other sources talk about repeating the sizes of the latest iPhone (counting on the XR), ie 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches.

The successor of the XR could move to an OLED and finally leave the traditional IPS on the iPhone.
Support for WiFi 6 , the new wireless connection protocol that very few terminals currently support.

We’ll see what all this is, but confirmed at least the cameras would be before another historical leap in the brand since adding the double camera on the iPhone 7 Plus .

Interesting also in the face of what one of its main rivals does, Google with its Pixel, since those of Mountain View have kept the unique rear camera in the three editions of their mobiles.

Source: onleaks, caskaro

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