List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates

List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates

We have put together the names of all the big brother Naija season 5 Housemates, and all the interesting facts you might want to know about each of them.

The Big Brother Naija season 5 that people has been expecting has finally began yesterday 19th July, 2021, and here are the 20 housemates that will be in the Bnnaija house ‘lockdown’ for 70 days (10 weeks). All the housemates have previously been in 14 days quarantine where they have been severally tested for covid-19.

Ozoemena Chukwu . Name in House: Ozo

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Ozoemena is a 27 years old Consultant and entrepreneur from Imo State. He has worked with the UEFA Federation for Europe and his biggest aspiration is to drive a full-fledged sports community in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. He maintained he like to bang on doors and listen to loud music as a early morning routine.

Victoria Adeyele . Name in House: Vee

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Victoria Adeyele is a 23 years old songstress residing in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born and bred in London, she eventually decides to relocate to Lagos to expand her music career. She disclosed that she has not been in a long relationship ever, at least not anyone longer than 6 months.

She also likes to socialize, act, and make people laugh their heart out. Her name in the BBnaija house is Vee.

Nelson Enwerem Prince

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Nelson Enwerem Prince is a 24 years old entrepreneur from Abia State, Nigeria. He’s into modeling, fashion design and interior decor. Nelson studied in the  University of Calabar and bagged a degree in pure physics.

Prince feels good ignoring people for fun, likes to work out, eat good food, swim, read about the history of motherland Africa and ancient religion.

Boluwatife Aderogba . Name in House: Lilo

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Boluwatife Aderogba is a  23 years old dietician from Lagos, Nigeria. She feels she’s “a product of God’s grace”. She’s called Lilo in the BBnaija house, Lilo is an entrepreneur and her biggest achievement is that she could flag her own brand.


Timmy Sinclair . Name in House: Trikytee

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Timmy Sinclair is a 35-year-old creative, and he is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He disclosed that he’s a storyteller and mostly expresses himself with music and acting to express himself.

Tricky Tee feels he is sociable and sometimes blunt owing to his background.

Lucy Essien

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Lucy Essien is a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Cross River. She maintained she’s simple but not average and hates it when people cross their boundaries with her.

Her name in the BBnaija house is simply Lucy, Lucy likes to keep to her space, eat good food and listen to fairy tales.

Terseer Kiddwaya

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IMAGE SOURCE: Africa Magic

Terseer Kiddwaya is a 27 years old self-employed man from Benue State. He was reported to be a billionaire son to Terry Waya by LindaIkeisBlog. HE described himself as full of ambition, confident, good-looking, and highly motivated. He feels he’s sometimes arrogant and likes to travel.

Dorathy Bachor

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Dorathy Bachor is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Delta State, Nigeria, she’s confident to make people like her by making them smile, her biggest achievement is her Business ShopForMe which she claimed to be the biggest procurement firm currently in Nigeria.

Praise Nelson

List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates 9

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Praise Nelson is one of the housemates of BBnaija 2021. The 28-year-old is from Enugu State, Nigeria, he has been in the entertainment frontal for a quite a while and has been gaining momentum, he won at the K-pop World Festival in South Korea in 2015, also he came third place in the National Dance competition in 2010.

He a professional personal and fitness coach, and also a certified Latin Ballroom expert. He also noted that he is social and likes to make new friends.

Florence Wathoni Anyansi

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Florence Wathoni Anyansi is 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur born to a Nigerian father and Kenyan mother, she feels she’s more Nigerian. Wathoni is a single mother and into fashion business and also keeps a blog on parenting. She speaks and writes Swahili and English well.

Tochukwu Okechukwu . Name in House: Tochi

List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates 11

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Tochukwu Okechukwu is a 28-year-old real-estate consultant and rapper from Imo state, Nigeria. He disclosed he’s a chemistry graduate and has interest in the entertainment sector. He’s simple, social and he feels good he’s educated and independent.

Kate Jones . Name in House: Ka3na

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Kate Jones  is a 26 years old entrepreneur from Rivers, Nigeria. She describes herself as previously married to an English man but currently  a boss lady in charge of her own life.

She dislikes poverty with passion, and likes to make money and fame.  She aspires to become a fashion entrepreneur with the biggest brand in the world.

Eric Akhigbe

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Eric Akhigbe is 24 years old from Edo State Nigeria and he is a final year student of the University of Lagos. He disclosed he’s man of the people and feels great when he accomplishes a task, much more he likes to win in competitive sport, has a knack for keeping fit and he’s fun.

Ngozi Nlewedim . Name in House: Erica

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Another BBnaija 2021 housemate is Ngozi Nlewedim, a 26 years old commercial model and actress from London, England. has been to Met Film School in London where she studied screen acting.

Her aspirations is to rise to fame and become a well-received celeb, she also maintained that she likes to dance and drink to drunk.

Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame . Name in House: Brighto

List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates 15

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Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame named Brighto in the house is a 29-year-old from Edo State, Nigeria. Brighto has 5 other siblings of which he is the youngest of all, he has bagged a degree in Marine Engineering from Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport from Alexandria, Egypt, practically he is a sailor and he also disclosed that he has had a couple of other certifications under his belt.  He noted that his biggest achievement is his opportunity to bag a scholarship to study outside Nigeria and his achieving of third engineer license and some other professional attainments.

Another interesting thing about Brighto is the fact that he can speak several languages, he speaks Hausa, Yoruba, Edo plus a little bit of Arabic. He likes to have fin travel and swim, of course, what do you expect of a sailor?

Aisha Umaru . Name in House: Kaisha

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Aisha Umaru with the name Kaisha in the BBnaija 2021 house lockdown is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from northern Nigeria,  Sokoto state to be precise.  She’s dietician and she fits well as part of team and likes to be fun and unique. She maintained that she’s sometimes dramatic and emotional, she’s outgoing, likes to sing, and catch fun.

Emuobonuvie Akpofure . Name in House: Neo

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Emuobonuvie Akpofure aka NEO is a 26-year-old and a professional chauffeur from Delta State, Nigeria. He maintained that he’s outspoken, help others to rise, fun, smart, keeps secret, and loving. He has participated in a competition before coming to the BBnaija house where he won a prize award of N500,000. Neo is still currently one of the most active in the BBnaija house, he’s truly fun-filled and smart as he claimed. He prides to come from one of the biggest and most popular families in Delta state.

Tolani Shobajo . Name in House: Tolanibaj

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Tolani Shobajo aka TolaniBaj is a 27-year-old media personality from Ikorodu, Lagos state. She claims she from a royal family in Lagos, she thinks she’s fun and energetic and brings liveliness and fun to anywhere she finds herself. She’s a fan of Naira Marley and she in the BBnaija house for the ultimate prize of 85 million.

Olamilekan Agbeleshe . Name in House: Laycon

List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates 19

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Olamilekan Agbeleshe, aka laycon in the house, is a 26-year-old upcoming singer residing in Lagos,  He has been to the University of Lagos where he studied Philosophy. He maintained that he has a complicated nature and that makes people to sometimes misunderstand his judgements, however, he disclosed that he’s a very simple an straightforward chap. He has interest in discussing sexual matters and one of his big achievements is his track titled ‘Fierce’ that has topped the MTV BASE Top ten charts for more than 180 days.

Rebecca Hampson. Name in House: Nengi

List of BBnaija 2021 Season 5 Housemates 20

IMAGE SOURCE: Africa Magic

Rebecca Hampson is a 22 years old business person from Bayelsa.  She has modeled and contested in MBGN . She has a knack for learning new stuffs, travelling, having fun and going on adventure. She disclosed her love for clean people and neat environment and that she likes to be her real self.

She has been to the University of Port Harcourt and studied communications.

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