Proudly Nigeria Logo; Facts and Meanings

Find out What about the proudly Nigeria Logo?

Proudly Nigerian mantra originated from the quest of the private sector when they stage the Proudly Nigeria Awareness an initiative directed towards promoting the use and patronage of local brands over imported products which sometimes may lack authenticity and originality.

Another fact about the Proudly Nigerian campaign is with a governmental influence, the mission that sustained the proudly Nigerian project is non-governmental.

The sole objective of the Proudly Nigeria logo campaign is to that budding Industrialist, Entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in Nigeria are well appreciated for their contributions to the economy through their numerous establishments.

The Proudly Nigeria campaign also seeks to revamp, repurpose and reposition Nigerian brands as the choice to an established business relationship with.

The core values of the proudly Nigerian campaign are Value-addition, Excellence, Patriotism, Professionalism, and Integrity.

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The Proudly Nigerian Campaign applauds and eulogizes small and medium scale Nigerian companies and organizations that are domicile and founded by Nigerians at home and abroad.

Proudly Nigeria Logo in Different sizes and dimensions

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