QuestionsHow do I change my Pebble spectranet password?
TLP Editorial Staff asked 1 year ago

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TLP Editorial Staff answered 1 year ago

If you need to change your Spectranet 4G wireless password and SSID this is the way to do it.

Changing your Spectranet Wifi Password is not so difficult, all you need to do is to follow the steps in this guide. Spectranet is a broadband cable service provider in Nigeria, they have made available various types of devices to accommodate a different class of users and needs.

For example, there is the Spectranet Indoor Wifi a brilliant solution for indoor use, it provides fast and reliable internet connection within a premise or location, it can be used to connect your smart home devices, and devices powered with any type of operating systems that needs to connect the internet. More persons can conveniently access the internet with this spectranet router.

More like it is the spectranet high-speed wifi router this is a perfect broadband solution for residence and workplaces, it also allows multiple users without cutting down on speed and performance.

There is also the Spectranet Outdoor Modern, this is more like a WAN-Wide Area Network Solutions that covers a very large area due to its high signal strength and receptivity, it provides a reliable and matchless internet connection.

Whether you need if to power your business or provide an internet solution in your home or estate, you can’t go wrong with this solution from Spectranet.

Now that we have given a clue on some types of devices provided by spectranet, Let’s move to the main business of the day, which is helping you change the password if your spectranet Wifi.

Changing the settings or parameters of your router can be done on either, iOS, Windows and Devices, the difference only comes in probably the interface that you see.

To change your Spectranet Wifi password, here are the steps to follow:

1. How to Change Spectranet Wifi Password On PC

First made sure your router or spectranet device is on.

1.1 Launch the browser on your computer

1.2 Input your IP address, If you don’t know how to find your IP address, then you can read up this guide. But generally, most routers carry have same IP address for all devices: So go ahead and input the details of the IP like you would when you want to visit a website.

1.3 You will be prompted on the next screen to supply your Username and Password, many customers don’t usually see a reason to change their username and password when they first acquire their device, so if you haven’t changed your username and password before all you need to do is enter the default username and password which is:

“Username: admin”; “Password: admin”.

If you have changed your Wifi password before to new values you will be expected to supply the most recent values of the password

1.4 Once you have logged in to the settings area, navigate to the Wifi setting located at the left menu.

1.5 Use the WPA Key menu to change your spectranet Wifi password, once you are done, don’t forget to click on the Apply changes button, so your new settings can be effected.

The guide above is suitable for Windows and PC users.

2. Change your Wifi Password on Android Tablets

2.1 Just like you did above, supply the IP address of the router which is usually this:

2.2 wait for authorization, then follow the next on-screen instruction.

2.3 Select “Installation of Wireless Network”;

2.4 Select “Manual Control”;

2.5 Select “Safety Mode” and then select choice of from WPA/WPA2; just below WPA and WPA2 is the “Both”; choose that, and then input your new password in the “Network Key”; space.

Make sure you save your new settings before navigating off the interface.

2.6 Your router will reboot, so relax a bit so the new settings can onward take effect.

Once your router finishes, re-establish the connection and supply the most recent password.

If you’re having trouble connecting, click on “Forget Network” and reconnect again.

The next one is how to change your wifi password in Android smartphones…

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TLP Editorial Staff answered 1 year ago

3. Changing your Wifi password on a smartphone

This is a little bit different from the PC and the Tablet method.
3.1 First make sure your adapter is turned on and enter Wifi settings;
3.2 As soon as your device connects to the router – make a long press on the connection until you see the additional menu 3
.3 Select the “Connection” or “Change a Configuration”;
3.4 On the next screen, supply your new password and press on the  “Save” button.
We hope you can now understand how you can change your Spectranet Wifi Password whether on Window PC, Android Tablet or Smartphone devices.

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