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How do i deposit money in Olymp trade from Nigeria?

QuestionsCategory: BusinessHow do i deposit money in Olymp trade from Nigeria?
Tunde asked 1 year ago

I need information on how to deposit money in Olymp trade in Nigeria. Is it possible to deposit funds using a local bank card from Nigeria?

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TLP Editorial Staff answered 1 year ago

Follow this simple guide to know the steps to safely and easily deposit funds in Olymp trade account.

I am pretty sure you know that before you can deposit funds into your account, it is imperative you have a personal account first on the platform, if you are a beginner trader, I will suggest you try your hands first on the demo trading platform where you are giving $10,000 in the demo account to  familiarise yourself with how trading works in the platform.

The demo account will help you groom further your trading skills and give you a level of confidence needed to make money on Olymp trade.

Whatever the case may be, it is quite different on Olymp trade, Olymp trade allows her users a minimum deposit of $10 which is quite interesting for beginners. The Olymp trade platform has envisioned to offer the best value for money service for all of their traders

Steps to Deposits to Olym Trade account

Having said that the minimum amount you can put on your Olymp trade account is $10 and the minimum you can withdraw is also $10, if you are a beginner it cannot be overemphasized that you shouldn’t rush into live trading if you have not the idea of how trading works, I suggest that you first use the demo accounts and be sure you are ready to trade with real money, so you don’t lose your investment too soon.

NOTE: Olymp trade has well over 11 different deposit and withdrawal options, traders are only allowed to withdraw with the same wallet they made their deposit, this means that you need to choose your deposit wallet carefully so your withdrawal doesn’t become problematic.

The best method I suggest you deposit is Visa When you fund your account with Visa card you can withdraw your earnings/profit directly into your bank account. You can as well use Skrill since Skrill is now accepting Nigerians to use her service.


(1) Login to your Olymp Trade account section

(2) Try to locate the deposit menu, it is not so far fetched, look to the upper right corner of your browser to locate it.

(3)Select the live account to fill out your account.

(4) Select from the list of deposit payment methods available for the Olymp trade account.

(5) Select the amount of funds you want to load. you may also get some bonuses for using the method to deposit funds

(6) Supply your bank account/card details to make a payment, as soon as the payment went through you will be sent information on the success of your new deposit.

If you run into any issues whatsoever, you can drop your concerns and questions below to get help, You can as well reach out to Olymp trade through the Nigeria dedicated phone line on – +234 (1) 2279021 – Lagos, Nigeria.

You can as well email them to receive support at support-en@olymptrade.com.

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TLP Editorial Staff answered 5 months ago

How to withdraw from Olymp Trade in Nigeria

The process is simplified for new and old traders, all that you need to make sure is that your Olymp trade account has earned over $10 or more.

Then you are ready to withdraw from Olymp trade and this is the process to follow to get things done.


1. Log in to your olymp trade account

2. In your personal area Click on the ‘Make a Deposit’ menu, which takes you to the payments page, there you will find the option that says ‘Withdraw’. Click on it and proceed to the next step below

3. Supply in the form all required information and be sure to do it currently to avoid any complications

4. Another important thing is that Olymp trade like some other Forex brokers will allow you to make withdrawals through the channel or gateway you used in funding your account.

For example if you find your account with credit card, you will withdraw your earnings on olymp trade also with credit card.

So you want to be sure that your deposit method can also be safely used as your withdrawal method when the time comes.

Once you have selected your preferred withdrawal method, your request will be logged and within 1 to 5 working days your withdrawal will be processed.

I hope this helps.

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