QuestionsCategory: InformationIs 08030004900 truly a Ritualist Number?
Bunmi asked 1 year ago

This is how i received the message in a group chat:

Pls don’t pick number 08030004900 Pls ooo… It’s real.. Tell everyone…The number just called the sender this morning. Thank God she got the info b4 d call came in. We were told the people that picked it has been disappearing. Pls send the msg to all your contacts to warn them of this evil number!!! sent as received.
Posted as received
Thanks for the information above.
I just checked the number on Truecaller Profile and it is registered as ‘Killer Mtn’. This is very true.
Please verify on Truecaller if you have. I did & it shows “killer Mtn” of a truth.

How true is this message? I didn’t bother checking on Truecaller for the fear that it may be true.

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TLP Editorial Staff answered 1 year ago

Is 08030004900 Truly A Ritualist Number?-This message is far from being true and should be discarded/disregarded immediately. It is one of the many false messages that some unscrupulous users circulate on the internet to cause chaos and fear in the mind of people.

 08030004900; The Fact you need to get right

For those who have been using the MTN network for a long time and conversant with goings-on the network will come to understand that the above number 0803004900 is one of the most popular MTN SMS service numbers, with trailing caller tunes number 4900.

MTN uses these caller tune number to put a call through to subscribers and remarket them, perhaps they noticed that subscribers have gotten familiar with the unusual 4 digit code (that calls in to talk into buying a product ) and stop picking calls from the number.

The MTN network reinvents the number by making it look like a normal phone number so they can get to more subscribers with their promotional calls.

So Therefore when you see these number or received the type of message sent by the OP above, please do disregard the message or the notion that it may be a ritualist calling you, the number is a promotional call line from the MTN Telecom network.

I can’t count the number of times I have had to pick calls from these same number and I no negativity like committing suicide as the carrier of the horrible message portray.

We understand how distracting and inconveniencing it may be when receiving unsolicited promotional calls from Network providers and we have written a guide on how to block such promotional calls appropriately through Do Not Disturb service.

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