QuestionsCategory: Hot topicsWhere is Luno Office in Nigeria & Contact Number?
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Where is Luno office Address or phone number in Nigeria?-  Luno does not have an office in Nigeria, neither is there a dedicated Luno phone Number for the region, read on to see how to contact Luno in Nigeria.

Luno acquired Bitx in the early part of 2017. It has since traded cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum under the brand name to customers in Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, United Kingdom and Zambia with valid business registration in each of these countries.

To your question about where is Luno Office in Nigeria, for your information Luno does not have a physical or virtual office in Nigeria, however, the company is legit and have dedicated internet channels assigned for customer supports.

The best available and fastest means to contact Luno is by submitting a support ticket using this link.

Luno Business registration details in Nigeria:

  • Nigeria: BitX Payments Limited (RC1216337)

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