How to Receive Money in Nigeria through World Remit

Banking is gradually moving from the banking halls into the internet. Many banking operations can now be carried out over the internet from the comfort of the home.

Unfortunately, Nigerians are usually posed with a certain difficulty of receiving money from abroad amidst the resources of continually growing technology.

In this post, we shall concern ourselves with all you should know about how you can receive money in Nigeria through WorldRemit from different parts of the world.

Receive Money in Nigeria through World Remit


The question we may first need to answer is what WorldRemit is. WorldRemit is, therefore, an online money transfer service that delivers international remittance services. The company was founded in 2010 by three people: Ismail Ahmed, Richard Igloe and Catherine Wines.

WorldRemit heavily focuses on mobile-to-mobile remittances. Their money sending services is therefore 100% cashless.


With WorldRemit you can make international money transfer secure, safe and fast. In a matter of minutes, you are good to go. But in order to get started with the services of the company, you have to follow these steps:

  • First Register Sign Up for free here: (
  • Then choose the country (from the list of 150 countries available) to which you want to transfer to, using either of the following methods:
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mobile Money
  • Airtime Top up
  • Cash Pickups
  • Enter the amount you want to tramsfer
  • Enter the recipient’s account details
  • Pay for your transfer and get the money sent.


You need the following information from the recipient in Nigeria before you can successfully transfer money through the WorldRemit:

  • The recipient’s full name
  • The address
  • Account detaols
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (optional)
  • Reason for sending the money


You may have some questions regarding receiving money in Nigeria via WorldRemit. Do pay attention to these important points:

  • You can receive money in Nigeria from WorldRemit either through Bank Transfer or by Cash Pickup services.
  • You can receive money in Nigeria with WorldRemit by bank transfer as long as you are operating with the major banks of Nigeria. Micro Finance banks may not be accepted.
  • The type of accounts with which you can receive money through WorldRemit are Current and Savings accounts. Money cannot be transfered to Business accounts in Nigeria due to local regulations.
  • The maximum amount you can receive via this transfers portal is N7 million per day. Recipients will be notified via email as soon as the money is credited.
  • The only currency that would be received by Nigerian accounts is Naira.
  • If you are sending for cash pickups in Nigeria, the maximum amount you can send is N1 million.
  • Before you receive money from WorldRemit through the Cash Pickup services, you must present the following documents to prove that you are the supposed person: Nigeria driver’s license, Nigerian Passport, Any other government-issued ID card like Voter’s Card etc. You will also need to provide the transaction reference number before you pickup the money.
  • If your creditor sends the money with WorldRemit through the Cash Pick up option, here are the banks in Nigeria where you can pick the money: Zenith Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank and First Bank.


With this information, you will be able to transfer and receive money in Nigeria via the WorldRemit. If you got confused at any point in this article, please do put it down in the comment.

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