How to Register an Enterprise in Nigeria

How to Register an Enterprise in Nigeria

Are you here to learn how to register an enterprise in Nigeria? If yes, this tutorial will explain the simple but trusted steps on how to incorporate a business enterprise within a few days.

Informatively, there’s nothing better than establishing a venture and incorporating such a business enterprise with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) so that it can be recognized as a legal entity in the country.

So whatever business you’re planning to venture into, you’ll the following steps to register it as a legitimate business enterprise.
Steps To Register A Business Enterprise in Nigeria

Step #1: Business name suggestion

Before you can register your enterprise in Nigeria as a legal entity, you must have find a unique business name your enterprise will answer.
Hence, it’s advisable you choose a business name that is relevant to your business brand, unique and at the same time, easy to remember and pronounce.
Once you’ve gotten a unique business name for the proposed business venture, up next is you heading to the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office in your state

Step #2: Visit the Corporate Affairs office

When you get to the nearest CAC office in your state, you’ll be asked to buy and fill a document known as the Availability Form (AC1) for an affordable fee not up to N500.
Kindly fill in all the required spaces with your real details like name, address, the business name your enterprise intend to answer, etc.
However, if the Availability Form looks confusing, endeavor to contact any of their staff for clarification. They will be more than glad to do so.

Step #3: Chosen business name availability

Although this step has nothing to do with you, it’s meant for the CAC officials. After you must have filled and submitted the AC1 form, they will check their database to see whether or not your chosen business name is available.
If you choose a unique or abstract business name, you wouldn’t have any problem. But if you go for the popular names, you’re likely going to repeat step 2 again and again.

Note: Make sure you photocopied your form before submitting it because that’s what they’ll use to trace the original when you return in three days’ time.

Step #4: Register Your Enterprise

After three days of submitting the Availability Form, check back with the agency to known if your proposed business name is not in use.
Should the chosen business name is available, then kindly go-ahead to incorporate it with the CAC immediately.
However, you’ll be asked to pay some amount of money for the business registration. For limited corporations, the amount is quite different from the partnership or corporative and other business entities.

Step #5: Go for Attestation in High Court

Take the form to any federal or state high court available in your state for attestation. Once the attestation letter is well received, endeavor to head back to the C A C office for submission.

Step #6: Certificate of Registration

After you must have followed all the above-mentioned steps on how to register an enterprise in Nigeria, the next cause of action is to collect your business enterprise certificate of registration. And voila…that’s all!

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