Top 5 Websites to Order Cake online in Lagos, Nigeria

Top 5 Websites to Order Cake online in Lagos, Nigeria

Can you order cakes online in Lagos Nigeria? What are the best websites to order cakes online in Lagos? These are some of the questions we get asked by some of our readers and we decided to go out and do a kind of review in order to be able to present you the top sites in Nigeria to order cakes online.

Making purchases from E-commerce stores is now a widely practiced act popularly known as online shopping, it enables customers to easily reach sellers, inspect, and buy goods from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Clothes, Smartphones, Cars and even Cakes can be bought through online shopping in Nigeria.

Cakes have a significant figure in Nigeria, it is used to mark several celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, valentine’s day and other joyful occasions, buying a cake online can be very useful especially when you want to surprise someone.

5 best websites to order cakes online

Most times we tend to forget special occasions that require cake, thankfully they are several online cake stores where we can easily buy cakes online.

1. Doofies Cakes 

You can get very delicious, physically appealing freshly baked cakes and pastries at Doofies Cakes that can be used for every occasion.

Crème cakes, sponge cakes, fruit cakes, cupcakes, chocolate cakes and many more are all part and parcel of their catering services.

Customer service is a top priority at this cake vendor, they have a dedicated team of customer care agents that are ready to attend to your inquiries and complaints.

Doofies Cakes are open on Monday to Saturday from 9am – 8pm but their website is always available for online shoppers.


2. Diva Cakes 

If you want the ultimate cake experience for yourself or want to impress someone special with cakes then you should check out Diva Cakes. Their baking and cake delivery is of top quality that leaves a satisfied smile on the faces of all their clients.

Diva Cakes makes a wide range of cakes for different occasions, you can get wedding cakes, chocolate cakes, cupcakes, and dessert cakes.

The prices of the cakes are friendly and the services provided are excellent. Diva Cakes has 5 offices in Lagos and an online store that is accessible to customers in and outside Lagos State.


3. Dreamtreat Cakes 

If you are looking for cake stores online in Lagos, Nigeria with well-experienced bakers, Dreamtreats Cakes is the best place, with over 25-years of experience in cake baking and sugar-craft.

Their “cake @ a click” service quickly delivers all cakes that are ordered from their website to its destination.

They offer a membership club where members can enjoy services like reminders, special discounts, and free baking classes. Customers are guaranteed 48 hours delivery outside Lagos and 24 hours delivery within the state.


4. Nuts About Cakes 

This is an online catering service that has become popular due to the passion they put into every project.

They have already baked cakes that are ready to be shipped out immediately the order is made; they also bake customized cakes according to the description of their clients.

Nuts About Cakes gives free consultation to both old and prospective customers.

They bake all types of wedding cakes, valentines’s cakes, dessert cakes and also cupcakes, their services are excellent and their prices are affordable.


5. Wara Cake

Wara Cake is the top destination for cake ordering in Nigeria, they are constantly patronized by celebrities and top Nigerian dignitaries who need cakes for their events.

They also offer a special “midnight cake delivery” where they deliver birthday cakes at exactly 12am on the birthday of the celebrant to make them feel extra special on their birthday.

They are well-known all-round Nigeria because they make delivery within 23 states in the country. Wara Cake also gives 5% discount to first-time customers.


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