How to Start an App Development Company in Nigeria

How to Start an App Development Company in Nigeria

The market for mobile devices apps in Nigeria is booming just like the numbers of businesses having online presence is also climbing.

Businesses, organizations now want their businesses to be accessible to the growing internet audience on devices such as tablets and smartphones due to the constant expansion and has rosy growth expectations for the future. This positive trend is due to two main factors.

First of all, apps are now an integral part of the habits of every consumer who encloses in the smartphone and in the applications contained throughout his world, at his fingertips.

This is due to the convenience and comfortability that a mobile app allows and the ease of access to content, factors that guarantee apps more visits and more success than equivalent web versions.

Chained, to the new habits of private users, is the reaction from companies. Another element that has allowed a rapid rise of apps in recent years is the use that companies and entrepreneurs make of them.

It has now become critical to the success of your business to have a personalized application with which to more easily connect with customers and potential customers.

In fact, between the web version and the application with equivalent content, statistics show that users far prefer to use apps that provide more immediate access to the content.

It goes without saying that application development agencies are also on the rise. Now every agency that offers marketing and advertising services also offers the ability to develop websites and apps for its customers. In a market where there are so many potential customers, however, even opening an App Agency turns out to be a good business intuition.

Prerequisites for opening an App Agency

To open a successful App Agency, the quality of service you offer customers, not only development and programming but also subsequent app support and updating, is critical.

For this reason, those who decide to open their own application development agency should have good computer and programming knowledge.

Another key aspect for any business, and especially in this area, is the promotion and advertising of its business. It is only through a successful marketing campaign that the number of customers will be increased. Industry studies confirm this, at least two-thirds of the capital invested should be earmarked for promotion.

How do I open an app development agency?

The first step to undertake this new activity is to draw up a detailed business plan. It is also recommended to take the advice of an accountant not to make mistakes.


You need to factor in the cost. Starting an App Agency has a huge advantage, which means it doesn’t need a commercial venue. To develop applications you can opt for work from home, an option that greatly reduces costs.

When you open an application development agency, it is mainly bureaucratic procedures, specialist advice, investment in programming-appropriate hardware and software that generate costs. In addition to this, you only need to have the knowledge and technical skills, passion and time to devote to your business.

At first, it is advisable, to keep the investment low, stick to basic equipment, do all the work personally without additional staff and work in a space that you can use for free.

Subsequently, when the number of work increases, profits will begin to be produced and a network of customers will be developed, we can expand by hiring more staff and possibly renting commercial premises to be used as an office.

If you consider, therefore, only the narrow indispensable to start an App Agency, it might be enough an investment of  2 million Naira to 5 million Naira.

The Franchising

A good alternative for new entrepreneurs, and especially for those who do not have the technical knowledge related to application programming, is to turn to a franchise brand.

A franchise network provides assistance and training, requires low investment and provides the tools and facilities necessary to start the business.

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