Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands 2021

Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands 2021

Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands 2019– The beauty industry in Nigeria keeps growing at a very rapid rate, and many Nigeria brands are beginning to key into this space there are several brands that we have come to know along the line, and today i will be listing you 10 of the best Nigerian makeup brands you should know.

All of these Beauty brands, hair care, makeup and skin care brands are breaking barriers and taking their place in the market and very interestingly for you to know many of these Some local makeup brands putting the big foreign brands out of business by giving qualitative products at interesting and competitive prices.

Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands 2019

1. House of Tara
2. BMPro Makeup
3. Zaron Cosmetics
4. Hegai and Esther
5. Toas Cosmetics
6. Yanga Beauty
7. Nuban Beauty
8. Prestige Nigeria
9. Sleek Studio Nigeria
10. Elsas Pro

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