Top 100 Blogs in Nigeria to follow in 2021

    Welcome to NN, it is our delight to give you updated information on the top 10 Blogs in Nigeria, you can subscribe to and follow to get updated information you need on a day-to-day basis.

    We have randomly selected the top blogs in different categories in Nigeria as listed below:

    • Top 10 Information Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Entertainment Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Finance and money blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 News Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Music Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Tech Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Gospel Blogs in Nigeria
    • Top 10 Health Blogs in Nigeria

    Top 10 Website to List your business for Free in Nigeria

    Top 10 information blogs in Nigeria

    The blog is one of the best information blog that provides its users with direct information about Nigeria and her people. It’s a very good blog to follow due to its detailed and massive information on various subjects relating to the daily life of an average Nigeria.

    InfoguideNigeria is a content-heavy information weblog in Nigeria with thousands of contents that seeks to make the daily life of a Nigerian go easy and smooth, The blog was founded around 2011 by Ifokobong Ibanaga, it has since grown to become a top information source for Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora.

    Nairanaira is a fast-growing information blog site that deals with a wide range of knowledge-driven content, well dissected for Nigerians. The blog is owned and founded by Adeniyi Badmus in 2019. With millions of readers monthly, is quickly becoming a first-hand information source for anyone who wants to constantly keep updated of goings in their world.

    Nigerian finder is one of the oldest information blogs in Nigeria with thousands of articles and other types of content around the life of an average Nigerian. The blog keeps updated information on technology, fashion, health, etc.

    Niajaquest is yet another information blog, if you need to get to know Nigeria as quickly as possible then this is the go-to blog. The blog was launched on the 27th of May, 2015.

    The list of top information blogs won’t be complete without ‘Nigerianprice’. The blog focuses on updating its users with the current prices of products and services available in Nigeria. You will find a first-hand review of top products in Nigeria and their current market rates.

    Naijnaira is one of the top general information blogs in Nigeria, the blog site is owned by Rasaq Adegoke, it provides its users with quite a lots of information ranging from online banking, health, marketing, etc.

    Sonaija is an information blog that provides you with information on phone specs, technology. It also has a platform for job seekers specifically content writers. The blog displays its information language with simplicity and It’s a notable blog to follow due to its consistency.

    Information NG is an internet-based media platform mainly used to inform Nigerians on topics that are of interest to them. The blog publishes contents from breaking news, national news, sports and general topics around issues in Nigeria.

    Top Info guide is a go-to educational blog for Nigerians seeking admissions to institutions of higher learning, they publish current information around scholarship opportunities, university and polytechnic admissions and lots more.

    Top 10 Entertainment Blogs in Nigeria

    In 2021, the rise of entertainment blogs and bloggers in Nigeria has been on the increase, this is due to the fact that the entertainment industry from the Niche entertainment is so keen on putting efforts to interest their viewers.

    Here are the top 10 entertainment blogs in Nigeria.

     Linda Ikeji’s blog

    The list of Top 10 blogs on entertainment won’t be complete without Linda Ikeji’s blog. The blog was founded by Linda Ikeji in 2005. It’s the best blog on entertainment in Nigeria and it focuses its attention on Gossips, news, celebrity actors and actresses.The blog ranks 24 on Nigeria Alexa rank and 2231 globally.

    It’s also a blog on entertainment that focuses its attention on attractive graphics and design. It is recognized as the most popular blog in the country and it ranks 20 on Nigeria Alexa and 3,220 globally on Alexa

    Bella Naija was created by Uche Eze in 2006. It’s ranks as one of the top most popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria. The blog rolls out contents majorly on fashion, weddings, anniversaries, burials.
    It ranks 102 on Alexa in Nigeria and 7,576 globally on Alexa.

    The list of top 10 entertainment blogs in Nigeria won’t be complete without the’s an entertainment blog that updates people with up-to-date information of pictures from events such as weddings, birthdays and funeral service. It also updates contents on the latest news and gossip of your favorite Actors and Actresses.

    It’s an entertainment blog that focuses on trending gists, updates, gossips about actors and actresses.

    SDK is a jist blog owned by Nollywood veteran Actress ‘stellar Damascus’. The blog majors specifically on entertainment news, gossip, and lifestyle. It ranks 25,848 globally on Alexa and 352 in Nigeria.

    Y!Naija is a top entertainment blog Founded by Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams in 2010. The site is known for its competence in producing fresh content on entertainment. It ranks 230 on Alexa in Nigeria and 26,045 globally.

    Nairaland not a blog but an online forum in Nigeria with a page view of more than a million per day. It is the most visited proudly-Nigeria website in Africa. NL has various sections which include the entertainment section that is quite intriguing. It was founded by Seun Osewa in 2005 and it ranks 9 on Alexa in Nigeria.

    Notjustok is an entertainment blog that ranks 5541 globally on Alexa and 64 in Nigeria. It was created by Ademola Ogundele in 2006. The blog has won several awards which include the city people’s entertainment award for music websites in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2013, it also won the Nigerian entertainment award blog of the year in 2014.

    Top 10 Finance & Money Blogs in Nigeria

    History as shown us times without number that those who control the finance controls the wealth of the nation. For all who desire to be among the top 80 of the Pareto 80-20 principle,this is the tope finance and money blog in Nigeria.

    Proshare NG

    It’s one of the best financial blogs that provides its users, information on different strategies in the market, financial development. The platform serves as a bridge between the investors and the market. ProshareNG was founded by Olugeni Awoyemi.

    The top online invoicing software service provider has one of the most versatile finance blogs in Nigeria, they roll out updated contents to help small and medium scale businesses and entrepreneurs on hacks needed for the smooth day-to-day running of their business.

    It’s also a financial blog that has published thousands of contents around financial issues in Nigeria, the blog orientates its users on matters of financial management, business, investment procedures, and news.

    BusinessDayOnline is yet another finance weblog in Nigeria that was founded in 2001. The business site helps shed more light and understanding of the financial world.


    One of the top financial blog site that is keen on helping both young and old investors with the necessary information for a successful investment in the capital market.

    This online website offers it’s users news on cryptocurrencies, forex trading and guide into a successful investment.


    An online platform geared at providing it’s user useful information concerning SME (small and medium enterprises). It also provide information about importation of major goods and services.


    A business website founded by komolafe Timilehin, a mogul in the field of finance. Latestmata help it’s users find access into learning about financial management and also money investment.

    My Naira Journey

    MY Naira Journey is a finance and business blog in Nigeria owned by Eme Stephen, the weblog help individuals become wealth creators and offer insight into financial management and investment.

     Money Matter NG is an online finance platform created by mimi Akinkugba. Moneymatter help it’s users with insight into ways of financial and wealth management.

    Top 10 News blogs in Nigeria

    Information is power they say and with the increase in fake news. One need to know where to visit to get the real and authentic information about the happenings around the world.

    Due to years of consistency and originality, this list is a compilation of the top ten news blog site in Nigeria that have been proven to be valid and authenticity for real, latest and trending news.

    Vanguard Nigeria

    Vanguard Nigeria is one of the oldest newspaper publications in Nigeria they are online newspaper publication is vanguard ngr which solely publishes news content and political-related content.

    Punch Newspaper

    Punch newspaper like vanguard is yet another newspaper publications and one of the oldest in Nigeria is your online newspaper outlet

    Information NG is another online outlet that has grown to be one of the most visited websites in Nigeria in the past few years 8 June small on politics style lifestyle DC entertainment and lot more interesting content.

    Legit NG formally is currently the biggest online newspaper website in has since been a go-to source for addicted Nigerian newsreaders. Aside from news content the website also publishes tips guide information articles health and beauty related articles and entertainment contents

    Sahara reporter

    Sahara reporter is one of the finest online news website in Nigeria with millions of visitors daily it has grown to become one of the best legit news sources for Nigerian newsreaders. is another top newspaper publication in Nigeria owned by leadership newspaper it publishes mainly daily Nigerian news. is yet another online news outlet that is owned by thisdaylive newspaper Nigeria the website contains daily Nigerian news content across several topics. is yet another most visited website in Nigeria today that publishes content on news jist, entertainment, and gossip.

    Top 10 music blogs in Nigeria

    Music is a powerful tool that helps heal the mind and put the body in motion. For lovers of music, here are the top 10 music blogs in Nigeria. was created by Ademola Ogunleye in 2006, and its debuts as the most frequently visited music blogs in Nigeria with a monthly view of over a million. They are keen on updating songs and other upcoming blogs to learn from them. The blog has won several awards such as the city people music award for the music website of the year. comes in at second-best among the top 10 music blog in Nigeria. The blog was created by Olutayo Tyler Duncan Sotubo in 2010. It’s a site where you can download lots of music and it also organizes a yearly music award named “too exclusive online music awards”.

    The blog is loved by mobile lovers because the blog is mobile friendly and it pays attention to the need of its subscribers.


    Naija loaded was launched in 2009 and has been ranked as one of the best music blogs in Nigeria due to the massive traffic it gets monthly.

    The blog not only features download of music but it also offers placement of music video on their site.
    The blog is a good place to download and keep up with good music. is not really a music blog because going through the blog you will realize that it is not really specific in music. It contains different content but it has a large musical chart where you can place your song due to the huge monthly traffic it receives.

    The blog has also won the city music award for the music website of the year.

    The blog is one of the top blogs in Nigeria that gives upcoming artists a platform to place their songs on their site. Due to the recent wave of music blogs, the popularity of the site is quite low, but it has huge massive traffic. is also one of the top 10 music blogs in Nigeria. The award-winning blog is keen on updating its users with the latest music.

    Naija vibes

    Naija vibes is also a music-specific blog that focuses more on music than the information or entertainment news. It is regarded as one of the best music blogs in Nigeria. is more of a news blog than a music blog it’s very good at updating music and also with narrative details about the song, and artist.

    This blog which is one of the oldest on my list is a music-specific blog that focuses on the update of the latest Nigerian songs. is also a specific music blog that is dedicated to uploading the latest songs with lyrics, artist profiles, and music genres.

    Top 10 Tech Blogs in Nigeria

    Technology is an innovation that has influenced the world greatly. Without the recent advancement in technology, a lot of things would have been jeopardized.

    Nigeria as it stands now still needs a touch of technology for the advancement of a lot of things.

    In this article, I will be listing out top 5 blogs in Nigeria you can subscribe to

    Tech point

    Tech point as the name implies is a blog that knows where it pointing or heading. It’s the best blog in Nigeria with a massive audience. You not only get entertained in this blog, but you also add to your knowledge. Techcabal also tells tech stories with simplicity.

    Tech Cabal

    This website is the most popular tech blog in Nigeria and probably in Africa with very huge traffic.
    It was launched in 2013. The prominent blog is keen on updating up-to-date news on tech start up’s and gadgets within Nigeria and across Africa. It also allows renowned technologists around the globe to share ideas about the recent development in technology.

    Miss techy

    Miss techy is a blog owned by a young Nigerian woman named Tobi Ayeni. Her blog features the display of gadgets and mobile apps reviews and also the recent development in the technology world. Her blog also features prominent women in the world of technology.

    Naijatech guide

    Naijatech guide is one of the best and award-winning blogs in the country. The award-winning blog features the buying and selling of tech products and also the leading source of gadget information with tech reviews and news. The website also offers a price comparison of gadgets and electronics.

    Mobility Arena

    Mobility Arena stands out not only as one of the oldest blogs in the country but also one of the best and it focuses on giving valid information about mobile operating systems and apps. It can simply be called a phone blog and it also has a massive audience.

    Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Blogs in Nigeria

    Fashion is a crucial part of our life, Dress the way you want to be addressed is an adage that simplifies the whole fashion thing.

    Things have become easier with the emergence of fashion blogs, you can check out the latest outfits, styles, hair cuts, etc. Here is the list of Top 3 fashion blogs in Nigeria you can subscribe today

    Bella Naija

    Bella Naija is one of the most prominent blogs in Nigeria that was launched in 2006 by Uche Eze. The website is a multifaceted blog with different categories such as business, lifestyle, fashion and romance. The fashion section of this blog is very active, it’s a platform where you get to learn, unlearn, relearn new things about hairstyles, hair cuts, and styling tips.

    One-Nigerian boy

    One Nigerian boy was founded by a Nigerian guy named Terrence Sambo based in the UK. The blog is multifaceted as it focuses on both men’s fashion, women’s fashion and African culture in Nigeria.

    Jadore Fashion

    Jadore Fashion is a personal blog where the owner makes an update of her personal styles and also gives tips on what to wear, how to wear them and what color fits.

    Top 10 Gospel music blog in Nigeria

    The music they say stills the soul and produces a feeling of euphoria. For seekers and lovers of the gospel songs, these are the top 10 gospel music blog to download your favorite songs.

    The number one gospel blog in Nigeria founded in 2013. Gospelhotspot has since grown to be one of the most visited sites for gospel music, videos, interviews, news and sermons surrounding the gospel.

    Gospelcentric founded in 2012 is a website focus is focused on spreading the gospel through music, it provides its user’s platform to listen and also download the latest music from popular gospel ministers.

    One of the best gospel site for music and video that help liberate the soul and instill freedom.
    Kingdom Boiz is keen on spreading the gospel through music on her platform.

    This site is known for its ethnic diversity with various Gospel songs from the different languages in Nigeria. It also provides its user the platform of getting the lyrics of each song. is Known for its Gospel devotional material, gospel news coupled with her latest gospel song from various gospel artists makes it one of the most visited sites for gospel music download and one of the top music blogs in Nigeria.

    This blog is one of the top music blogs in Nigeria that provide its user not only access to gospel song but also gospel hip-hop and contemporary songs. The renowned blog has also gained recognition due to its daily inspirational quotes., as the name implies, is a blog that gives its user not only access to local music but also foreign gospel music coupled with free download.

    This blog was created with the aim of keeping its user informed with the latest gospel release and gives free gospel music download access to its user. is one of the best gospel sites that helps bring gospel songs at your fingertips for easy access.

    Gospel vibe is a site that helps to promote gospel music to the outside world. The blog also provides its users the opportunity of being informed about the happenings in the gospel world with its section for gospel news.

    Top 10 health blogs in Nigeria

    Health is very important to our wellbeing. There is an adage that says “health is wealth” Hence these are the list of top 3 health blogs in Nigeria you can follow for updates on health fitness.

    Nigeria Health Watch

    Nigeria’s health watch is one of the top 3 health blogs in Nigeria specifically for medical care specialists.
    It’s a blog that focuses on updates in the Nigerian Medical sector. One of the best sections on this blog is the “top 10 health news”. The blog also has a section for Jobseekers in the health sector.

    Radiant Health NG

    This health blog comes in at the second-best health blog that you need to subscribe to in other to receive updates that will keep you strong and healthy. The blog also focuses on the food you need to eat to stay healthy. There is also an expert advice page on the website where you can find tips on the right diet.

    Health Save Blog NG

    These health blog majors on updating information that has to do with our health and wellness.
    The website does not advise that you take self-medication. The blog is one of the most visited health blogs in Nigeria, it also publishes contents around business, finance, beauty tips, food and more.

    Dailyfamily NG

    Dailyfamily NG is a health and family blog in Nigeria owned by Bisyom Publishing Limited, the vision of the company is enshrined in family and society capacity building and fostering other things like women right in the society, promoting and advocating good parenting and helping African homes be a better place.

    Medical World Nigeria

    This blog is known for its paid first-aid training available on request through the Web site for medical professionals, they also sell medical equipment and other expertise VIA the web. Medical World Nigeria rolls out up-to-date medical information and health news in Nigeria. The blog also includes a segment with medical professional job offers.

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